Snow Day Investment

It’s going to sound weird, but a snow day is something I’ve actually been praying for! For the world to stop…just one day. Take a chill pill. Not worry about numbers being hit and dollars being made. We get so caught up in making checks balance and putting in overtime so that we can rise up in our jobs and look great to our bosses, be told “well done,” pay the bills, feed our extravagant lifestyles. Lately, I can’t do that. The pressure the world puts on us to perform is so overwhelming that it feels as if you have no choice but to conform. To squeeze into shoes that are just too tight. To rub rouge on our cheeks just one more day so that you can impress your clients, your boss, the world…Wake up early and stay late. Our spouses can wait. Our kids can wait. They become second in this world without a second thought. It’s all about what we can do with our seventy odd years here on this earth.

This is an upside down world we live are living in. God has been pressing this issue on my heart lately. It causes anxieties and worries for so many people (myself included). And so many people don’t understand why they are struggling. Some days, I forget that I do have a Hope and that Hope is secure. Some days when I feel overwhelmed with my job, I forget that my job is not my worth.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:25-34 that we’re more valuable that birds and lilies. He looks out for them even though they are on this earth for such a short period of time. He gives them what they need. He will surely help us through these tough times if you trust His plan for you. Don’t conform to the world because it is the easy thing to do. Say “no” to things you don’t agree with. Say “no” to things that will harm your spouse or your children. Jesus wants you to invest in Him. He wants you to invest in your spouse and your children and your neighbors so much more than being someone who has no time on his hands because he’s worried he won’t climb the ladder the way society tells him he has to. Just because you aren’t the CEO of a company, or the colleague who puts in the most hours, or the most beautiful woman in the office, doesn’t mean you don’t have worth. Don’t worry about the things of this world. They aren’t your worries! We carry around too many things inside of our head that we think we have to live up to. But guess what…you don’t! Throw those ideas aside. You are God’s creation-not your CEO’s. Don’t worry. You will survive. Don’t worry.

In this same sermon, Jesus teaches on money. Money is a huge worry for most and is a whole other can of worms, but falls into this category as well.  Your family, your sanity, your relationship with the LORD is eternally more important than conforming to this world and making sure you measure up to the person next to you. If those things are what is important to you, you will never be enough. Don’t worry about that. God will handle that for you. Trust Him. Believe His Word. He’s not trying to become a Fortune 500 company or the most handsome man in Hollywood. He just wants your trust, so that you don’t have to worry.

So if you live in the Northeast, enjoy your snow day. If you aren’t in the Northeast, maybe you need to carve time out in your month for a “snow day.” Invest in what truly matters. Invest in your soul. And remember that the LORD cares for you. He does listen to you even when you think He may have stopped. He gave me something as simple as a snow day. He already knows what you need before you ask, but He wants you to speak up!

“Why do I worry? Why do I freak out? God knows what I need.”

Today, I am able to slow things down, watch the snow fall, drink a cup of coffee, spend a little longer in the Word, while listening to my husband practice worship music he’s playing this Sunday, and cuddling with my pup.


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