The Big Gender Reveal

Since we found out that we were pregnant, we knew I knew that I wanted to get to know who ever was growing inside of me before he or she was born. Kevin on the other hand wanted it to be a surprise at first. I finally got him to come around (hey, this little one is growing inside of me, right) and join the good side.

After many people praying for us for over a year to be able to have children, we wanted the village who would raise this peanut to find out who they’d be raising at the same time as us! We had a gender reveal party.

The theme was bow or beau. My sister-in-law helped out tremendously. She made all the food for the girl’s side of the table and I made everything for a little boy (since I thought that’s what we were going to have for weeks and weeks). I also made little clips for everyone to wear on their clothes.
 I started out with stickers, since I couldn’t find anything pre-made that I liked or cost effective for a budget! I found these at Target and knew I could do something with them.

Bow and “Beau” stickers

Next, I cut all those little funny squiggles out and hot glued them on to tiny little clothespins from the baby shower aisle at Party City. Pretty simple. The husband even helped me cut out a few of those hard to cut mustachios.

There’s a bit of white on some of them, but I was pretty satisfied.
Modeling how to wear these clips!

So, all the guests that came picked up their little clothespin and then added a name to our baby name board…just incase we needed help from those clowns…

Not everyone added an idea, but we got some input

Unfortunately, I was too engrossed in the party to actually take pictures of the food. My sister-in-law took some, though. The spread was gorgeous. For the boy’s side I made items that went along with the theme “slugs, snails, and puppy dog tails.” There was dirt pudding, pigs in a blanket disguised as slugs with little antennas made of pretzels, veggie dip dyed blue, meatballs, a blue punch with frozen yogurt in it, and other miscellaneous things. The girl’s side was themed “sugar, spice, and everything nice.” Kelly did such a great job dipping pretzels, marshmallows and strawberries in white chocolate and then in pink sprinkles. There was also a pink punch, cookies, fruit, donuts, and milk in old fashioned milk bottles. Coordinating balloons on either side of the food were placed at the table as well. We also used leftover stickers for our Natty Boh (still in the bow/beau them…and hey, we live in Baltimore) beer.

One of my favorite decorations! Simple, but super cute
After mingling for a while, it was time to bite those tempting cupcakes sitting on their own table away from everything else. They were the “sacred food” that no one could touch until we said so! Felt a bit empowered by that idea….Actually, they were on a different table so no child would accidentally pick up a delicious looking cupcake and eat it 🙂 
Our cupcakes from Harris Teeter

We had no idea what we were having, remember. We dropped an envelope off at Harris Teeter entrusting them with this!
We all bit into them at the same time. 3-2-1…
It’s a girl!!!!!!

Both Kevin and I were in complete shock! We both cried tears of joy. Tears of a new adventure. Tears of God’s grace. Tears of a new story beginning. And again, my mom screamed (just like when she found out we were pregnant). It was such an amazing moment to have our support system around us while we were doing this. Not that it mattered if it were a bow or a beau, but really to tell everyone how much we love and thank them for their fervent prayers. To show them that God answered their prayers and ours. We have such a faithful community and a faithful God. Having children seems like such a given in this world, but it’s not! And it should be celebrated, whether you struggled to conceive like us or had no problem at all. I’m still in awe of what God has given us. It’s brought so much joy. 


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