Nursery Beginnings

Since finding out about the precious little girl we had coming this December, I immediately started planning for her. The first stop was a couple of cute outfits. The next was obviously her nursery! Her room that she’d grow into. I didn’t want it to be overloaded with little girl type decorations that we all see at the big baby stores…you know…butterflies and flowers that smile back at you….caterpillars and forest creatures with high arched eyebrows and giant smiling teeth. That’s just not my style! I like elegant, rustic, and chic. And baby Williams’ nursery is no exception.
The first thing we did was paint her nursery a sweet peachy pink. It’s a super light neutral, but a nice subtle “girl.” I had several of my good friends from church come over in the middle of the day and help paint. We were done in two hours! Our Baltimore community is amazing to be a part of.
Next, we needed furniture. Have you seen the prices for furniture in the baby retail stores, though? It’s more than we paid for our own furniture. $800 for a crib?? She won’t sleep in it long enough to make it worth it. Luckily, we got a really nice Pottery Barn crib for free from another truly generous family in our church community. The crib is  a creamy white, so that’s what we wanted out furniture to be as well. Striking up lucky once again, Kevin’s parents still had his baby furniture!! How cool is that? Solid furniture that has been kept in nice condition. We went immediately to Home Depot and bought some white spray paint. I’ll tell you the truth – I don’t loooove painting furniture, so I thought spray painting would be easier. We bought Rustoleum’s Antique White and covered all 3 pieces after lightly sanding them down with sanding blocks. (I actually stayed far from the spray paint and just watched the hubs spray away). We both noticed there were a few splotches that probably wouldn’t have been there if we painted instead of sprayed, but he evened it out as best as he could with a second coat. 
The beginning with sanding

Drawers up close.

Already in my mask, realizing this is not a good idea for my lungs and the two lungs growing inside of me.

Starting the paint 

Splotchiness after the first coat…kind of nervous at this point!

After spraying the two coats of paint, we took these back to our house to put the sealer on. We sealed the furniture two days later since we had an extra day thanks to Labor Day! We went through 8 cans of white spray paint and two cans of sealer, so it cost about $40 in all. We also bought another can of hammered gold to use on the handles, but didn’t use it all.

Second coat done! The vanilla color we were looking for 🙂

I couldn’t wait to put these in baby William’s room. I was ready to see the finished look (although it’s still far from finished). I also wanted to organize all the cute little clothes we’d gotten for her. Finally, after spraying the drawer pulls, the room looked a slightly more pulled together. 
Tall dresser

Smaller dresser/changing table. Also, the peachy pink wall color!

Hammered gold knobs

Nightstand/Reading corner.

I will definitely show more pictures and how-tos of all of the DIY things we’re doing in her sweet little room. The colors of the room are going to be the peachy pink, gold, and a vintage teal. Very girly, but not over the top with butterflies and smiling sunshines! It’s something that I’ll love walking into every time I rock her to sleep, read her a book, and play games with her. It’s also something she can grow into as the next few years go by.


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