Crushing Idols

I know that every single parent out there will say the exact same thing and I’ve heard it 1,000 times, but pregnancy really does go by in the blink of an eye! I’ll be 30 weeks tomorrow and I’m not sure where the past 30 weeks have gone. I just had my midwife appointment today and I was measuring 31 weeks. Little Peanut still has a strong heartbeat and she must have some long legs too!

I’m learning new things about her and what it means to nurture someone else whose life is dependent on mine daily. I guess the few years that we wanted to get pregnant and couldn’t, I envied every pregnant belly that I crossed paths with and wondered when it’d be my time and why it couldn’t be this very moment! Now, I know that it was because God wanted me to care for the little gal that’s growing inside of me right now. And no matter the pain (ahem…the excruciating rib pain), I’ll already do anything for her or say no to things I may have once said “yes” to, because her well-being is my number one priority.

And in the midst of caring for this little Peanut everyday and having her on my mind every second, I realize that it’s not the big picture. The big picture is still Jesus. It’s not that my journey in the valley is over and I’m free from pain and suffering (hellllo labor pains…just kidding…well, partly). The point is that this miracle should be pointing me more and more towards my Creator and some days, regardless of seeing the miracle, I forget that this child is about Him. It’s to show me His love, His mercy, His grace, His unfathomable care for me as His child.

I, as a mother-to-be, should imitate His unconditional love for this child He’s knitting together in my womb. Of course I’ll make mistakes and embarrass the heck out of her at times, but I need my eyes on the bigger picture and not just the miracle. The miracle is … well… a miracle and an amazing one at that! But, if I take my eyes off of Him and just focus on this miracle, the miracle will become my idol. An idol is something I definitely do not want to show my daughter. I’ve made too many in my life! She’ll make mistakes and make her own, but I need her to see that Jesus is the only one who is precious and worthy enough to be made our idol. My prayer is that my idols fall like the leaves off the trees. Let them wither and be crushed under my foot. This isn’t a time I need to be letting idols of everything baby and parenting into my life. It’s a time when I need to surrender and call out to God on a daily basis for His help and wisdom.

In 10 weeks, one of my biggest challenges (dare I say the biggest) will enter my life and I need to be on a solid foundation. For myself. For my husband. For our marriage. For our daughter.


And a few pictures to update you guys on this little gal’s progress!


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