Playing Catch Up

So these last couple weeks have been pretty busy for our household. We knew we were in for a busy October, but it started a few days prior. To start from the beginning, there were four pregnant gals on my side of the family this year. Three of those were due in the first half of October (the 4th is me…and I’m due in December). Two of them are now born. The first one was born at the end of September. Ten days early! It threw us all for a loop. My mom flew up from South Carolina on the first plane out the next morning. Kevin and I went straight to the hospital after church.

This sweet little gal entered our life!

The proud new parents and the most beautiful baby girl.

They got to take her home two days later and started the wild new ride of parenthood. My mom has been between our home and their home for the past two weeks, between the birth of my niece, my baby shower, and my birthday! It’s been a crazy first half of October!

Birthday meal with the Williams at the best hibachi, Ginza

My sister-in-law was a trooper, bringing her one week old baby to my baby shower the very next weekend after she was born. My other sister-in-law and our two moms threw me the most amazing baby shower (no pics yet, but I’ll update!). My sister-in-law, Kelly, always throws the best parties. I’d trust her to design any party of mine without having to lift a finger myself! Her eye for design is amazing! She even made the color scheme of the shower the color scheme of our nursery (which you will see VERY soon)!

Along with all of these exciting events, our baby girl is growing, growing, growing! We had our last ultrasound. She is still a girl!! Thank goodness…or else we’d have to come up with a completely different nursery scheme and take A LOT of things back to the store (tutus…headbands…everything pink…). BIG relief! It also showed that she was growing right at the normal pace. She was 3 lbs 13 oz that day! Today, I’m officially 32 weeks + 4 days and counting.

We have 2 weeks left in our Bradley birthing class, which is making it seem all the more real. AND…I’ve definitely dropped. It seems a little early than the “normal time to drop,” but I know it happened. One day I was still walking normally, and then the next, my pelvis and lower back were deathly painful.  As weird as it is to say, it’s such relief,! I can eat a full meal without being miserable afterwords and my ribs are definitely hurting less (although still pretty painful). The painful pelvis and back only lasted for a day, so that wasn’t too big of a deal!

Here are the updates:

Lighting is a bit weird, but that’s what you get with a phone sometimes…


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