Touch of Pink

The nursery is finally done…I think 🙂 There are always final touches that could be made, but all in all, we’re ready for this chick (on the planning side of things).  And I have to say, I absolutely LOVE just going to sit in there. It relaxes my mind and just calms me as funny as that sounds. The “touch of pink” on the walls is enough for my anxious thoughts to scatter and my mind can enter a tranquil place. I can envision the giggles, late night nursing, and rocking to soothe our baby’s tears. I know the nights won’t always be as calm in that room as they are now, so I’m savoring these last few weeks and meditating on the sweetness to come.

We were very fortunate to get  hand-me-downs for all the furniture in the room except the rocker. My parents gifted us that soft chair for our baby shower. It’s probably my favorite part of the whole room and the reason I’m able to relax 🙂

Still a little cluttered, but this is baby H’s nursery.

We received the monogram from one of my best friends at our baby shower. Up close, the monogram just looks like a lot of curly-cues. It was ordered in natural wood, so we could paint if what ever color we wanted. Of course I wanted it gold to go with the color theme. It was super easy and required no thought at all.

I bought a “brilliant gold” spray paint by Design Master from Michael’s and went to town. I sprayed three coats just to make sure it all was coated evenly. While I had the spray paint out, I also decided to spray one frame on the wall the same “brilliant gold.”

Beautiful monogram from Strickland. They did a beautiful job. Great prices too!
Tassels and “Pray Big” pillow from my sister-in-law Kelly. Beautiful monogram from one of my best friends. And crocheted blanket from our baby shower made my some special hands!
White turned gold frame.
I was so excited with how the gold came out. Spray paints are always so difficult for me to pick out. There are so many shades of each color, and they start to run together after staring at the case for 20 minutes trying to decide between three colors. Luckily, the crafty people at Michael’s helped make the decision when I shared my vision of gold! 
This frame went above the changing table along with a few more frames. This oval frame is still empty. Waiting upon the arrival of baby H. My thoughts right now are leaning towards a sweet daddy/baby photo or footprints and handprints. If you have any cute ideas, let me know in the comments. As mentioned above with the gold spray paint, sometimes it’s nice to have a third party make my decision! 
Please disregard the glare in these photos. The room doesn’t have a a good time of day for taking pictures and not having a glare in the glass. The photos, left to right, clockwise: 
  • Cross stitched photo of a child praying that my mom made for me when I was born. She brought it by surprise on her last visit. The colors were perfect for the room, but even if they weren’t, it had to go up.
  • Gold “Love” photo from Homegoods
  • “You are My Sunshine” wooden photo from my sister-in-law, Kelly.
  • White and light pink frame from my baby shower with a sample of Anthropologie’s wall paper I received for free about a year ago.
  • Antique gold frame with a maternity photo my sister-in-law, Kelly, snapped for our baby shower.
  • Center frame is the gold spray painted frame that something special will go in after baby H is born. 
I’m really happy with how this turned out. I love photo collages on walls. I’m actually still working on one in our den. It’s been incomplete for probably 6 months now. (Don’t judge! Baby fever swept over me.)

 This is a panoramic of the complete nursery. Back in the left corner is the carseat, diaper pail, a big cloth toy basket, and my hospital bag (which is only packed with the baby’s clothes right now).  In the right corner is a little nightstand with our baby monitor and another little toy box on top. Right now, the nightstand is also our little library. Hopefully, we’ll be able to find a little bookshelf for under one of the windows eventually. All this to say, there is still some clutter left in the room, but it’ll go away very soon!

There’s one thing I may still change about the walls. The starburst mirror on the right may come down and be replaced with something else. Possibly the tassels hanging on the crib (they won’t stay there anyways). Again, suggestions would be great! We also are still in the process of looking for a little chandelier for the room. I’m not sold on the two lamps in the corner. For me, it’s clutter!

I’ll be 34 weeks tomorrow. It feels so close! Six weeks left. Our last Bradley class is this coming Sunday. 12 weeks of the class went by super fast. That means these next six will go by even quicker.

My bump at 33 weeks. Tomorrow 10/23 I’ll be 34 weeks!


2 thoughts on “Touch of Pink

  1. When I read your post, “Up close, the monogram just looks like a lot of curly-cues,” it reminds me that up close our lives seem like a lot of curly-cues and twist and turns that seem to make a senseless mess. Until we step back far enough to see the unique beauty of God's creation none of it makes sense. Perspective changes everything!


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