Rule Breaker

My parents would tell that’s the story of my life. I would say, I learned it from my dad.  Rules have always been a more of a suggestion than than a demand.  Granted, there are some rules I just won’t break. I’m a chicken when it comes close to doing anything interfering with the law (except speed “limits”).

Today, I’m not breaking any rules that will land me in jail, though.

All through my pregnancy I’ve been able to run. I’ve been blessed to run – even through the first trimester. I never had one second of morning sickness. I didn’t feel pregnant until I was more than halfway through this pregnancy. But, sadly, my running is ending at 35 weeks pregnant. My beloved Merrell shoes had a few too many miles on them, but I continued to run. That’s just what I do. I push limits. This time, it didn’t work out in my favor. My right foot took a beating and I’m pretty sure I have extensor tendonitis. Nothing damaging or serious. I just need a lot of rest and ice. And since baby H dropped around 32 weeks, my pelvis is sore for a day or two after my run. Kevin thinks I walk like a grandma post runs these days. So, with much grievance, I’m laying my shoes to rest until I can continue with exercise after the baby is born.

Back to rule breaking…This whole pregnancy, I’ve also been able to *gasp* ride my bike…on the streets of Baltimore. And I’m still doing it. Yes, I’m 35 weeks pregnant. Yes, you can judge me. Yes, all the books and blogs tell you not to ride your bike late in your 2nd and 3rd trimester. But you know what…my balance is pretty darn good still. (I can even hold some yoga poses longer than some non preggers.) I actually just came back from a 14 mile bike ride and feel great! I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t feel comfortable. I’m not trying to harm my body. I just happen to know my body better than anyone else. If I felt uneasy riding on our potholed streets, I wouldn’t ride my bike.

I’ve also taken a “warm yoga” class. It’s not quite as hot as Bikram. The room is somewhere around 94 or 95 degrees. Taboo. Yes, I know. Again, I was listening to my body. I asked my teacher ahead of time if it would offend him if I walked out. While I took the class, I chose to rest during some things I knew I couldn’t do. I modified all the twists. I drank my entire water bottle. I also did some pretty great balance poses (at least for someone who is 35 weeks ).

While I’m not condoning everyone to go out and do things against the books, I would say listen to your body. You know what feels good. You know what hurts and what makes you feel uncomfortable. I’m sad to have to give up running at this point, but I’m okay knowing I still have other options. I’ll continue with my bike riding, warm yoga, Barre, and cross training machines. All of these things feel really good.

Are you a rule breaker or rule follower? I’ve broken many other unwritten pregnancy rules, but I’m not divulging all of my secrets right now!

And here’s the latest picture. It was just taken Monday, so a few days late! I can’t believe I’m 35 weeks today 🙂 5 more to go!


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