Two Years of Praying Looks Like This

I should have written this by now. I really have had the time, but I’ve been on maternity leave, right?

8 weeks ago today was one of the biggest miracles I’ve witnessed in my entire life. The gift and miracle of life. It’s always seemed like such a cliche saying – “the miracle of life.” Now, I truly understand that not so corny saying.

Our Hallen Amélie is such a miracle. I won’t rehash my other posts, but she was prayed for by many people over the past couple of years and here she is. It was November 17 at 11:12 pm that she came into our lives. Two and a half weeks early. Perfect timing (according to any woman in their third trimester. 40 weeks seems like an eternity away that last month). 

So, here’s the birth story. One of the most painful but blissful and intimate experiences I’ve ever been part of and feel blessed to have a great birthing story. It started early Sunday morning with pre-labor contractions. Kevin and I packed the hospital bags around 3:30am just in case we needed to leave. The contractions never amounted to anything much, so we fell back asleep. Contractions continued throughout Sunday, but didn’t feel much more painful than a Braxton Hicks. Went to bed Sunday night and woke up Monday morning to nothing. I was a little let down thinking I would still be having contractions and having the baby early! So, I went to work and taught my Monday morning Barre class, worked out, and then went grocery shopping. Then, all of a sudden, they started back up! And a little more painful this time around.

I still didn’t know if this was labor or not being that this was my first baby and not quite knowing what contractions felt like. I called my mom and was texting my sister-in-law. Both were convinced I was in labor and needed to call the midwife. So, I quickly called Kevin and told him we needed to go to the hospital. He came home about an hour later and we rushed up to St. Joseph’s. Sadly, I was only dilated to 3 cm when I arrived in triage, but she was at a +2 station. Although not very dilated, I was in labor! The nurses told us we could stay and wait it out or we could leave and go walk around somewhere. We chose to leave and go shopping! Not really…but we did go to the Towson Mall for two hours to walk around. Every few minutes I’d have to stop where ever we were and sway back and forth. I’m sure people were thinking I needed to head to the hospital soon! 

After two hours of “shopping” we headed back to triage. I was only 4-5 cm dilated. Thinking it’d take all night and part of the morning, I was kind of depressed and a little mad that my body wasn’t speeding things up! 

We stayed in triage for about two hours, because we wanted a room with the birthing tub in it. It was a tough two hours. Once I got to the room, my midwife checked my progress and I was still only 5 cm. I almost broke down and started crying. These contractions hurt! How could they not be making me dilate more? So, to the halls we went. Walking and walking…well, trying to walk. I eventually needed to sit, but right before that happened I got sick and apologized to my mother-in-law for almost throwing up on her and the nurses for throwing up on the floor.  I couldn’t walk anymore. I had to lay down. For thirty minutes Kevin helped me relax by putting counter pressure on my back and helping me focus on who we were going to be holding soon. During these contractions, I totally understood why epidurals were created! It was unbearable pain! But, I also remembered the natural birth we wanted. About this time, I stated pushing. After two pushes I figured I should tell someone what I was doing It just came so naturally at first, I didn’t think twice about voicing it. The midwife came in and checked, although all the nurses said I probably shouldn’t since I was at 5 cm two hours earlier. Sure enough, though, I was 10 cm! The midwife broke my water and my urge to push was so overwhelming I let out my one and only loud wail.

Kevin, being the super sweet, endearing, loving husband that he is kept asking if I wanted to get into the tub. He was prepped and ready in his swim trunks! All I could do was obnoxiosly grunt, “Noooo…I just want it out!!” I kind of felt bad for him…standing there with his sweet, wide eyed face, shirtless, in swim trunks in the midst of all these nurses. Ten minutes of pushing and our Hallen entered the world. Kevin caught her, cut the cord, and we both fell in love harder than ever before. Our miracle was here. As Kevin said, ” this is what two years of praying looks like.”  And that couldn’t be more true. 

6lbs 11oz, 18 3/4in long

I guess he put his shirt back on at one point…

On the way home

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