#Twinsies for Father’s Day

A couple days late in the game, yes, but I figured you could at least stick this in your pocket (or bookmarks tab) for next year or use it for a cute birthday idea.

I looked through lots of Etsy stores for matching father daughter bowties and bows. There wasn’t anything that I could find! There were of course matching bowties for dads and sons, which are adorable, but not what I wanted. So, I started out on a DIY adventure…

I looked high and low for a tutorial on headbands and bowties for a daddy daughter matching day, but again there weren’t any, so the next best thing was just to look at two tutorials separately. Come to find out, you make them the exact same way ( at last for the easier no sew option).

Bowtie on the left and headband on the right.

I could show you step by step on what I did to make both the headband and bowtie, but there are already so many great tutorials:

Here and Here

I attached elastic to both the bowtie and the headband, but I think a clip on the bowtie would actually be better. There is a smaller elastic on the bowtie, because it was going to be hidden under a collar and a fancier one for Hallen’s headband.



They haven’t officially worn their twinning accessories out yet, but they were kind enough to model how adorable they both looked for Kevin’s first Father’s Day.

I also bought them daddy daughter Pura Vida bracelets.  They have the most adorable baby bracelets! I ended up buying the new gray anchor bracelet for Kevin and “wish you were here” bracelet for Hallen. They don’t match, but it’s the thought 🙂 )and Pura Vida bracelets provide jobs for people in Costa Rica). I wanted everything to be cutesy for his first Father’s Day.

So, I hope this is a little inspiration for next year if you do have a little girl. She can still match her daddy. If you have boys as well, go ahead and make an extra bowtie!

The outtakes of a dad and his smallest main squeeze doing what they love most.


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