Our Stories…

God is good. I could say just those three words and this post would be wrapped up, but I really want you to know why He is so incredibly good. As you know, Kevin and I have dealt with infertility issues. It’s a heart wrenching experience to go through and wouldn’t wish it on anyone else. Here’s the “funny” thing, though…other people do deal with this. Close friends deal with this. And I’ve been blessed to know people who have had children through years of going through miscarriages, infertility treatments, unexplained infertility, and so much more. They have miracle stories that are even more powerful than mine.

When Kevin and I were experiencing our lowest points through this journey, other women’s stories helped me more than anything. I loved to read their stories of how their little nugget of gold finally did come! God was waiting, so His glory would be shown even more so than if that child came right away. (I’m not saying that if you do get pregnant right away that it’s not just as much of a miracle. There are just different ways for God to show His glory and different scripts to write for His kingdom to grow).

Photos by Fatima

I want to introduce my friend, Leah at “Journey With Gabe.” I would tell you all of her story, but she’s already done a great job of that on her own blog. Please, please read her latest post on her little boy. Her miracle. Her little gold nugget. I cried (which doesn’t take much) tears of pain and joy while reading it and just want to scoop her little boy up in my arms and hug him.

It’s another story that shows who our true Redeemer is and who we need to trust and keep trusting every second of every day. This story should give hope to those struggling with infertility and to mothers holding their children in their arms to celebrate life! Celebrate through the truly tough and trying times, whether that be looking at yet another negative pregnancy test or a bad medical report from your little one’s pediatrician. 
I hope you enjoyed her story as much as I did.


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