Life Lately

Photos, photos, and more photos. If you’ve seen me lately, I’ve probably been holding my camera, standing near my camera, or wishing I had brought my camera with me! Having a baby (the cutest one, at that), has made me dive into a longtime desire of mine to learn more about photography. I want to learn how light works; how to make someone feel a certain emotion by looking at a still frame; capture those tiny, fleeting moments. It’s been such a fun process learning a new skill over the past 8 months.
I still have an exorbitant amount of pieces to the puzzle to still put together, but discovering each new piece feels like I’m diving deeper and deeper into who I really am. I can’t explain it without sounding like photography has become my religion…because that’s definitely not the case. It’s like I’m finally doing something with the gifts God gave me years and years ago. He gave me an eye for beauty and a heart that loves to see joy and express that joy in what I do.
I do have plans to start a small photography business-mainly natural lighting photography-mostly babies, maybe some fashion, engagement shoots, or maternity shoots. I desperately want others to have their favorite memories tucked away in their “treasure chest” for years to come. I’ve realized since becoming a mom that a moment is exactly that. It’s a moment, never to happen again. And how special is it to be able to carry a certain memory with you forever, not only in your heart, but in your hands or on your wall?! I would love to be able to follow people for a day just in their normal routine, so that all of those little things you love can be kept in a still frame.
It’s been really nice to have a willing subject at my side on a daily basis to practice on! Good thing she isn’t camera shy, and will work for cookies so I don’t go broke!

All of the photos below were taken on a Canon 7D, 50mm 1.4 lens

Hat: Grace and Grace Co Leg Warmers: Snugars Boots: Gracious May

Dress: Fancy Little Fox Shoes and Purse: Nixons Nook Bow: Ribbies Clippies


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