Fashion Friday With the Bump

Well…it’s no secret anymore. We’ve told everyone that we’re expecting! I still wear lots of flowy tops, though, so you may not notice right away. This pregnancy is already so different from when I was pregnant with Hallen. I hardly felt Hallen kicking at all…throughout the whole pregnancy! This one started kicking at 16 weeks…yes 16…and hasn’t stopped! And I have to pee at least twice an hour. The joys! I’ll take that with a healthy pregnancy, though!

These are some of my favorite new pieces I’ve snagged…well, Kevin snagged the new diaper bag for a surprise! I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to buy a Fawn Design diaper bag, but when they restock, they’re sold before the hour is up! So, being the stay at home mom that I am, when a package got delivered that said Fawn Design on it, I immediately smiled from ear to ear, but then pretended I didn’t see it. I dropped it and walked away, so he could still “surprise me.” Kevin usually tells me about a surprise the day after he he formulates the surprise, so I wanted this to be special for him too! He got the gorgeous new plum color they designed exclusively for fall! It’s gorgeous. I want to sleep with it, but Kevin said no to diaper bags in the bed. It’s seriously changed my life, though. I liked my old diaper bag, but my shoulder began to hurt so bad, which led to a nerve problem in my back from always carrying it on the same side. I load my bags down, so I knew I needed a back pack bag. And this is perfect! It has pockets for all the essentials, plus I can thrown my heavy camera in there and still feel fine.
My last pregnancy, I didn’t buy any new jeans. I wanted skinny jeans, but I resorted to my Lululemon leggings or just my regular jeans with a hair tie looping the button and button hole together. This baby is in a completely different position this time, though. The baby is right under my pants waist line, so it hurts after a couple hours wearing normal jeans….or after I eat! So much pressure. So, I broke down early and started wearing maternity jeans. These beauties are from Pink Blush Maternity, and “whoa baby,” as Hallen says these days, they feel so good! My stomach can breathe; I can eat; and baby can squirm all around. Plus, they look like normal jeans I’d wear when I’m not preggo. 
These adorable booties are from Zoo Shoo. They’re the perfect fall color, perfect height to chase a toddler in, and the perfect touch of “I can still dress normal and look cute while pregnant.”  They’re super comfortable, and Zoo Shoo always has free shipping! What’s better than that?
Another favorite item that I’ve worn a lot is this kimono from Shop K La. It’s a local boutique here in Charlotte that handpicks from all of my favorite brands. I’ll continue to buy pieces there throughout this pregnancy, because it’s stuff I can wear now and after this little nugget is born!

Shoes: Zoo Shoo
Kimono: Shop K La


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