Personalized Jewelry

If you’re smart, you’re already Christmas shopping so that it doesn’t catch up to you on Christmas Eve! Walking around the mall with everyone else the day before Christmas is always so agonizing and depressing to me. There’s nothing jolly about bumping into everyone’s shoulders and standing in lines 30 minutes long. You should be enjoying the day with family or friends! So, I’m here to help you! Just call me a little elf 🙂 I’ve fallen in love with some personalized jewelry that I’ve recently gotten. Sweet Peas Stamping has so many beautiful pieces to personalize or little sayings that they’ve already come up with that will compliment your friends’ and family’s personalities. 
Her jewelry comes in different colors, and if you need a polishing cloth, you can have one free of charge! The owner is so great to work with, and really wants to help you with what you want. I constantly receive compliments whenever I wear a piece from Sweet Peas Stamping and I’m proud to wear it. 
Each piece comes packaged in a little box and cloth bag that are perfect for gifting. No lines. No waiting. No bumping into other people. So simple. 
Top: Altar’d State Leggings: Blanqi Boots: Chinese Laundry 

Two of my favorite things right now. This necklace reminds me to just breathe when anxiety build up about adding another wee babe to this family. Just breathe. (Mug: Sweet Water Decor)

 My life is filled with so many anxieties. What woman’s isn’t? This passage is one of my favorites to look to when worry starts to build up in my chest and it feels as if I’m choking. I don’t have to worry about anything. It’s all taken care of. Worries add nothing to my life.

Such a great bangle! I love having a little jingle around my wrist. It makes me feel so feminine. I don’t know why…is it just a girl thing? Are you like that too, or am I alone on this? My small group and I are going through this study called Becoming Mrs. Betterhalf that is yet to be released to the public. It’s such a great study though! I have so much to learn about becoming a better wife.  So many days that are tough between Kevin and I are because of my own darn pride built up inside. I need the reminder to “be still and know” that He is God when I feel like nothing is right and everything is going awry between us. Be still and know… that we are together for God’s purpose…be still and know that our unity is more important that an arbitrary fight…be still and know that…fill in the blank.


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