Lula Obsessed

I told myself I didn’t need another “thing.” I didn’t need to fall in love with another brand, another line, another designer…. I held off on going to parties for the longest time, because…well…money, and I fall in love with clothes so easily! The way certain textures feel, the nostalgia a certain piece has, the colors that make me feel sexier and younger. I just love clothes. There.

But, I finally went to a Lularoe party a couple weeks ago with my friend. We both said we were going to just hang out, chat, and have fun. Yeah right. I can’t do that when there are racks of beautiful, buttery clothes in front of me! I started to try some things on. Look at myself with only one eye open, trying to make myself look weird in the clothes. It didn’t work. It was love. Everyone else that has been telling me how great these clothes were, were right! I hate admitting when I’m wrong, and I hate being late to the party (no pun intended). I scooped up my first piece that night, which happens to be perfect for my growing bump. The Julia dress.

Hat, scarf, boots: all in my closet from last year. Diaper Bag: Fawn Design Bracelet: Sweet Peas Stamping

That’s a pretty cute dress, right?! You can also inch it up to be a tunic/top, but I won’t show you that without pants on! I styled it a few different ways as a dress. Maybe next week, I’ll style the same dress as a top

This next outfit is so fun with the faux fur vest. This was a last year’s pick from Target, but I’ve seen new ones for this year. I really wanted to show you how to make one new piece in your wardrobe last with other pieces you already love from your closet.

Boots, vest: closet picks. 
Also chose to wear another favorite necklace from Sweet Peas Stamping.

And last, a simple cardigan from Mila Chic Boutique. A favorite of mine to throw on with everything. Simple, sweet, out on the town look

Boots, earrings: Closet picks Necklace: Belle and Blush (my daughter’s, but I stole it!)

I had such a great time at my party, I decided to have one. It was so great to have a “girls’ night out.” No kids or husband (love them both dearly, I swear). There was seriously zero pressure to buy anything. It really was just about going to see friends and meet new ones. There was no sales pitch, no marketing plan that they took us through….nothing. Just shopping, eating, and drinking (obviously water for me). You can find my great consultant here. Her name is Nicole, and she’s a blast! If you happen to be in the Charlotte area on November 9th, you’re invited to my house 😉 You can try on some of these buttery clothes…or not.


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