Baby Girl’s Nursery

As soon as we moved into our new home this past August, we went ahead and set the crib and baby furniture up since we knew we’d eventually have to. We also put all of our miscellaneous items and boxes in that room and just shut the door! Well, the past two weekends, we’ve been doing a little decorating in the new baby’s room. It’s definitely far from finished, but I’m already in love with the scheme. It’s bright. It’s fun. It’s totally out of my comfort zone. I like neutrals and pastels, but I was inspired by a few pieces and up for a new challenge! So far, I’m loving the bright color challenge!

My two inspirations. Red poppy sheets from Birch Rose Lane and a bright colored blanket from Little and Luxe. These two pieces are so bright and happy, and that’s exactly what I wanted for this new baby girl’s nursery. 
Birch Rose Lane is a small shop made up of a mom and daughter team. They love to make anything you could imagine, exactly the way you want it. They’re always up for customs. When I saw the poppy sheets she chose for me after I told her my vision, I knew they were a special duo. As the months go on before this little one is born, I’ll probably have a few more things made!
I fell in love with Little and Luxe when I saw so many decorated nurseries with amazing blankets and sheets in them. They’re modern, colorful, artistic, and just different than what you see in the stores. Little and Luxe is another small shop from Canada. It was created in 2013 by Lindsay Wilson, who is such a sweetheart! She wanted some fun pieces for her new daughter’s nursery, so her imagination for her daughter led to other amazing nurseries. She just released new winter designs that you’ll have to see as well! 
And lastly (for now), these two pieces need to be tied in together since red wasn’t exactly in the blanket. Wall Flowers Co was just the place to go! I showed her pictures of just these two pieces, and that I wanted a big center piece to make it look like a theme. The owner was really easy to work with. I could tell that she liked new projects and ideas to work on. It only took a couple of days for her to come back to me with sample colors and then the finished product. I was astounded! Even more so when they were up on the wall. The 3D visual is so pretty, and will make any room feel special and put together. 
We aren’t done with the nursery yet. It’s a slow process since we have time and a budget to keep in line with! This weekend we’re actually changing the crib color, so I’ll have to give you an updated look!


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