So, apparently your third trimester starts at 26 weeks. I could have sworn it started at 28! And that’s where I’m at now. I don’t remember feeling so achey this early on with Hallen. I guess I’m already a little more stretched out everywhere, and my joints are a little more wobbly…aka I’m old! This little girl is growing growing more and more each day, as are my thighs. I’m totally fine with that. It all just happened so suddenly. One day, it was comfortable to wear jeans and the next was terrible! I couldn’t get them off fast enough. So, I’m basically living in leggings and leggings. I used to be a yoga and barre instructor, so I’m totally cool with going back to my uniform.

Some of my favorite pieces are super versatile, can can be worn during pregnancy and after birth.

Cute, comfortable sweatshirts for my growing bump, and stretchy jeans and leggings. Although, like I said, it’s mainly leggings. I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans, but I only wear maternity jeans when I do have to wear jeans.

These are mommy and me matching hoodies from Brooklyn and Grey. Super soft material, and easy to throw on with your favorite jeans or leggings for the winter. I’m also wearing my beloved Blanqi leggings. They feel SO good for my belly in my third trimester. I got them in my second trimester (pictured), and liked them then, but now that I really need support, I can feel a big difference when I’m wearing them and when I’m not.

Hallen’s outfit: Bow- Sassy Bow Shop // Pants – Mila Chic Boutique // Loafers – Lili Collection

This sweatshirt. It’s like an adorable cloud that you get to wear all day and still look put together! I ordered it one size larger than I normally wear from Posh Little Peanut. It’s already slouch, so it’s off the shoulder for me. I paired it with my Blanqi support tank, which is just as amazing as their leggings. Sometimes, I don’t even wear a bra under it, because let’s be honest, bras just aren’t comfortable when you’re pregnant (or maybe ever)! Jeans are from Pink Blush Maternity (linked in this post ), and the only jeans I’ll wear right now. They have great stretch to them, and I honestly like the fit of them better than some of my pre pregnancy jeans. They’re the perfect skinnies. Boots are from Zoo Shoo a couple months ago (also in previous link). 

THIS OUTFIT is my favorite outfit right now. I feel put together and still super comfortable. Again, I’m wearing my Blanqi leggings. They go with everything…that’s why you have to invest in a pair. I juts got my postpartum pair from their Black Friday sale! Jacket and boots are two recent finds on Amazon. Both are really affordable, comfortable, and well made. My tunic is from Pink Blush. It’s maternity and women’s wear, so you’ll get a lot of wear out of it. The jewelry that’s in all the photos is from Sweet Peas Stamping. I have several personalized pieces form her that I’m excited to put on every morning when I wake up. It’s almost like I’m missing a someone if I forget a piece! 
Hallen’s outfit: Bow – Gracefully Made Co// Romper- Sofia and Belle// Boots – Gracious May
One other brand I wear A LOT right now is Lularoe. No, I’m not a consultant. Yes, I’d love to be. But, I’d probably keep it all for myself! I’ll do a whole other post on their clothes. I know a lot of consultants do that too, but I just love their clothes too much to keep you out of the know! They really do work for every shop and size, and their leggings….goodness gracious! They’re perfect for pregnancy! 



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