Party Animals

It’s almost been a month since Hallen’s second birthday, and I still haven’t posted a photo of her adorable party. What was going to be a big celebration ended up with a few friends and family members, because the nasty stomach bug attacked literally every child on our guest list! But, it was such a nice get together, and ended up being the perfect day. It was the end of November and 70 degrees and sunny outside!

I chose the theme “Party Animals” this year. Last year, her party was a classy pastel and gold woodland animal theme, so I really wanted to do something fun that she’d love, and her biggest love right now is animals. Well… last month it was. This month it’s all about Frozen. (Our life is a Frozen theme song right now. Every other word out of her mouth is Elsa, Anna, or Olaf.)

The theme was a lot of fun to create! Bright and bold colors, little animals wearing party hats that the hubby and I made, and a big Instagram poster for a photo prop.


The party hats for all the little animals were so easy. My husband and I sat down one night after Hallen went to bed, and followed a tutorial from This Heart of Mine.

I ended up buying all of the cute animals from Amazon, because I didn’t have time to go shopping at stores. The end of the year gets so busy! I bought mini kitties, dogs, and assorted jungle animals!


We really should have had someone in charge of a camera the whole time. Even though I’m a photographer, I was just too busy with the party and mingling! I tried to get the little shots, but I just didn’t dedicate enough time to it. Lesson learned.


She loved blowing out her candles! It only too her a couple tries. How cute is her “blowing out candles” face?! Her gorgeous ombré cake is from Publix, which is our go to for baked goodies! Always delicious and moist!



Custom birthday dress from Kack Design. We’ve worked with her for a few special pieces, and her work is always amazing and so perfect! 

It was such a perfect day for her and all her little friends that showed up. We borrowed my friend’s mini jump house, so Hallen got to jump the day away. She screamed and kicked when I told her she had to come inside to eat cake!

Next year, I’ll definitely be strapping my camera to my neck so that we can have a few more memories!


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