Slim Layering – Outfit #2

Some of you northern folks trudging through multiple feet of snow and negative degree weather (what the heck does that even feel like, by the way?! Death?!) may not agree with this next outfit for staying warm, while remaining trendy instead, of looking like an Oompa Loompa. I swear it’s warm for normal winter temperatures, though. So, while you’re waiting for some snow to melt, just hop online to shop!

Details of today’s slim layering outfit:

Dress/ tunic: Lularoe

Tank: Blanqi

Leggings: Blanqi (again…double them up!)

Leather Jacket: Naf Naf – similar one here and here and here

Booties: Sbicca

Choker: BB Styled Boutique

Earrings: Nordstrom

Scarf: Old Navy



So happy to have snatched this color up from Fawn Design in the fall! Plum is one of my favorites. Don’t worry if you didn’t grab one this year, though. They’re coming back next fall!


Again, I doubled up my wool socks from Smart Wool. I’m a runner, so I automatically gravitate to their running socks, but I’m sure their other socks are just as perfect! I love them because they’re a thin layer, but super warm to keep my feet toasty. And if my feet are cold, I’m cold.

Blanqi leggings are the perfect material for layering. This specific pair is more of a hosiery type of material, so it’s really easy to slide something else on top. I just did two pair of Blanqi leggings here, though, with their tank that was linked last outfit. Again, nice thin layers that provide warmth.

Leather and pleather (that’s lined correctly) are always a win in my book for layers. They’re thin and warm! Are you seeing a pattern? It’s a nice tailored look that makes any outfit feel and look put together. This particular one is from Naf Naf in France. I got it when I was 18! It’s just a piece I’ve loved so much, and it’s still holding up!


One of my favorite accessories right now is a choker! So elegant and classy. I bought a couple from BB Styled Boutique wanting to see what they looked like. I was nervous I was going to look like a 90’s Spice Girl, but once I clasped it on my neck, my worries dissolved. I was in love with them! It’s such a good accessory to put on and still throw on a giant scarf without worrying about a necklace getting tangled in it.

Also, I need cold weather hair tips! I have naturally curly hair, but sometimes cold weather brings out the frizz and curls. The only thing I know to do is wrap my scarf around my hair to keep it locked down away from the elements! What am I supposed to do?!


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