Slim Layering – Outfit #3

The final cold weather, but hot body outfit this week may be my favorite. It’s also a really great one for around the holidays for a comfortable yet polished look to wear to any holiday parties you may be running around to.

My first layer, again, for this outfit is also my Blanqi tank and leggings. It’s the easiest thing to put on, feel held in and supported, and allows other pieces to go on smoothly with no bunching.

Top: Motherhood Maternity (similar one here and here) This would also be an adorable option!

Pants: Same pants here (but no red) Similar ones here and here

Boots: Similar ones here and here and here

Jacket: Artfasion from Amazon

Choker: BB Styled Boutique


I don’t wear red very much at all, so when I put a little pop of fire engine red pants on, I felt like a vixen! And that’s how I want to feel when, at the same time, my ribs feel like they’re breaking from lack of space!

This pleather jacket fit nicely under my down coat. A coat under a coat is always going to feel a bit restrictive (in my opinion), but you want to feel nice and tight anyways when you’re shielding out the cold. Whenever my body starts shivering, all my muscles contract, and I swear I get the best ab workout!

Luckily, for us in North and South Carolina, we have one day that’s 20 and the next is 60, so there’s not too much shivering happening yet. Although, when I’m at home, I always have our fireplace on or a heater at my feet when I’m sitting at my computer.

The rest of our week will be nice and in the 50’s I think, so I won’t need to layer at all. My family is coming into town for Christmas, and we’ll all get a nice little break from the real world. I hope all of you have a great Christmas, and are able to enjoy your family and some relaxation.



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