Arbonne Review

**I wasn’t paid or compensated in any way for this review. These are my own opinions.

My best friend started selling Arbonne a little over a month ago, and of course I had to jump in and buy some products from her. I’ve heard amazing things about this company AND I like helping out my mama friends who have their own businesses. Those things are tough!

So, I started out with a special the company was running at the time for their new Intelligence Genius Ultra Anti-Aging Set. It came with their Intensive Renewal Serum and their RE9 Lifting and Contouring Eye Creme. Normally, it’s $402 for everything, but with the special, it was around $240, so I thought, why not?! I was also able to get a few things for hosting a party for my friend. I ended up choosing:

Night Repair Cream

Instant Lift Gel (AKA Botox in a Bottle)

Glossed Over Lipgloss in Calla

Makeup Primer

I was most excited about the new Genius tool. It just came out this year, and sold out so quickly during the first launch that it took a few months to restock. I was really hoping for my flawless skin I  had when I was a teenager. Let’s just be honest…I’m over getting these fine lines! Has it been working? Honestly, I still have some freckles and sunspots, but it has made a deep forehead line a little less noticeable and a red spot on my cheek fade a bit. Was I hoping for a miracle like the pictures I had seen before purchasing it? Of course. I don’t feel like it was that drastic, but I also have younger skin, so it’ll be harder to see drastic results. I’ve also just been told that I need to use it around 20 minutes a night instead of the 5 I’ve been doing! Oops! New Year, new face, right? I’m excited to see before and after pictures in 6 months time. It’s a really easy tool to use. Turn it on and rub it in circles on your face. It has a minute timer to let you know you’ve been working on a spot for one minute. I’ve been going around my face about twice (forehead, eye area, right cheek, left cheek, eye area, etc) while I watch TV or browse on my phone.



I do really like the eye cream that came with the set. It’s really hydrating. I didn’t need to use very much for my eyes to feel moisturized. It’ll last me a really long time. The texture is great! It doesn’t really have a smell, which I like just as much as Arbonne’s light creamsicle smell in a lot of their products.


The Intensive Renewal Serum is what I used first on my face after I washed it, and then used the Genius tool. I would like the serum to be a bit more moisturizing. It made my face feel dry after putting it on for some reason. Although, my skin is EXTRA dry, so sometimes it tends to absorb the products right away after I apply. I think I just need to apply a little more of this. This had a pleasant smell and silky texture when applying, though. I also put this on under moisturizer in the morning (if I do moisturize..I tend to skip it a lot)! The serum is supposed to help with renewing collagen, so I LOVE that fact! Bring on all the collagen and peptides, please!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE moisturizers! The Night Repair Cream may have been the next product (after the Genius tool) I was most excited to start trying. I like using as close to natural products as I can on my face, so this was a win! My moisturizers also have to be very moisturizing, because, like I said, my face absorbs stuff quickly!  The texture and smell of this product are amazing. It smells like a creamsicle or fresh orange.  My face felt very moisturized when I applied. I do have to use more than what I thought I’d have to, so I’m going through it quicker than what I thought, but I also like my face to feel really moisturized before bed time.  My face has a couple dry spots on it when I wake up, but it could be because the change in the weather right now too. I think next time, I need to buy the Extra Moisture Day Cream to go along with it since I do battle extra dry skin.

Next, the Instant Lift Gel. This is what is notoriously named “Botox in a Bottle.” It is pretty cool how it works. I use this in the mornings before I put moisturizer on. This is the one product I often forget to put on, though, so I can’t give a full review on how the results are. This gives your face a sort of tacky feel after you apply. It’s like a glue to hold your face in place basically. I apply it on my forehead, under my eyes, and eyelids, and then I pull my skin taut for about 30 seconds to “glue” it in place. I can always tell in my eyebrows that there’s a slight uplift! So, I can tell that it’s actually working, and a pretty cool product unlike I’ve seen anywhere else. I probably won’t start using this everyday (because I often forget ha!) but it’s a nice product to have on hand for those days you want to feel extra pretty and fresh…or if you’ve had a rough night being up with your baby all night!

The lipgloss was a bit disappointing, I think. I chose a color from the magazine, so it’s in no way the consultant’s fault, but it’s not at all the color it looked like. I wanted a berry color for the holidays, and it’s a light pink. I also wish it would have said that it had sparkle to it instead of it looking matte. The texture is really nice. It applies well. The smell is not my favorite. It may be because it’s more of a natural lipgloss, but it’s a musty type of smell, but after about 1 minute the smell is gone! So, if you love the colors, and can take a little bit of a bad smell, then it’d be fine. I want to see the colors in person next time before buying, but wouldn’t be opposed to buying it again if I found the right color in person! I still do wear it, because the texture is really nice, and it stays on for a pretty good amount of time for a gloss.




And last, the Makeup Primer. I do really like this product. I don’t wear foundation (you’ll probably think I should after seeing my close up photos), so this is a nice base. It’s a clear primer that smoothes your skin out, fills in your fine lines a bit, and makes your skin feel like velvet! Again, this is something I don’t use everyday, because I honestly just don’t remember to put it on. It hasn’t become ingrained into my daily routine yet. I can say that it lasts all day, though. I still have super smooth skin at the end of the day! You’ll love the feel of it!


I’ve been using this all since Thanksgiving, so about a month now, and I do like it. It definitely has it’s pros and cons, but that’s with any skincare and makeup line.  Will I continue to buy it? Yes . I do like the products, and how they’re made. I think I need to use them for longer than a month to really see the results I want to see, but I haven’t had any breakouts, and I know the products are good for me inside and out. I’ll update with before and after photos in a few months!

You can check out my video here on my review.


Dear November Photography

Outfit Details:

Tunic Pink Blush Maternity

Similar Beige Sweater Down East Layered Sweater • $46

Similar Beige SweaterShe & Sky Layered Sweater • $62

Similar Beige SweaterWomen’s Sanctuary Sequoia V-Neck Sweater • Sanctuary • $89

Leggings BLANQI® Maternity Belly Lift and Support Leggings in Black • $64.99

Similar Maternity Tunic Ivory & Black Stripe Lace-Back Maternity/Nursing Surplice Tunic • $12.99

Similar Maternity Tunic Coral & Ivory Stripe Elbow-Patch Tunic • $8.29

Necklace Sweet Peas Stamping


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