Comfortable Third Trimester Pieces

Nearly done! Baby is almost completely baked! The thoughts about going into labor again are starting to replay in my mind now. I’m trying to tell myself it won’t be so bad. I labored naturally with Hallen, and will do it again with this little babe. But while I’m waiting for her to make that painful entrance into the world and she’s growing bigger and bigger, I just want to feel halfway normal (if that’s possible).

As a family, we love to take long walks in different places. I want to be able to keep up and not worry about being uncomfortable. So, between both of our families coming and leaving over the holidays, we were able to sneak into Charlotte one day and have that fun family time. No agenda. Nothing planned. Just go where the road takes us. I put my Everly Grey maternity leggings to the test! And they didn’t fail one bit.


We had the perfect, albeit quite windy, little family day. We ended up in baby stores and Whole Foods haha! It’s the closest one to us right now, so whenever we go, I load up on vegan baked goods!


I think Hallen’s favorite part of the day was looking at this fountain…until the wind sprayed all the cold water in her face!

I can’t believe I’m already 33 weeks pregnant…and Hallen came at 37! So, we could be just a month away from welcoming our second little girl into our world. And Hallen still doesn’t understand. Sometimes I tell her that sissy is in my tummy, and she’ll just lift her shirt up, lean back with her hips poking forward ( I guess that’s how I walk now!) and say, “sissy, sissy!” It’s cute…but her world is about to be rocked! What are some things you all did with the older child to help them transition into “not an only child mode?”

Photography Dear November Photography

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6 thoughts on “Comfortable Third Trimester Pieces

  1. You guys are the cutest little family!!! Getting books to read together about being a big sister, and also having a pre-wrapped gift from the baby to older sibs (for 1st introductions) helped us a lot!


  2. When Grace was 22 months old, we had Henry. When she came to the hospital with Grandma, we had a gift to give to her. I actually can remember the game I got when my brother was born, I was 3 1/2.
    I think girls have that motherly instinct too, I always asked Grace to be my helper. She would hold the wipes or grab me a shirt or distract Henry with a toy. Whenever I said I needed my mommy helper, she was there.
    We also made sure to do alone time with her, whether it was dates or just talking alone for 20 min before bed. And I loved when people brought food over or gifts for baby and gave her something little. And also, if you pump, they always want to help feed the baby


    • I”m hoping it’ll just come naturally to her since she loves feeding her baby dolls already! I’m nervous about the jealousy part! That’s amazing you can remember what game you got when your brother was born! We’ll definitely have to get a few special “Hallen big sister” things!


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