Mustela Prenatal Skincare

*I was sent some products as part of the Preen.Me VIP package, compliments of Mustela as part of the #PreenMeVIP program to try out, but all opinions are strictly my own.*

I had never tried Mustela products before, but was definitely curious once I started to read about them. They were developed in collaboration with dermatologists and pediatricians. The products are hypoallergenic, formulated with natural ingredients, and free of parabens! I know that I’m putting products on my body that are completely safe for myself and baby H who’s still growing away. All of that is enough to make an expecting mama happy.


I’ve been using the stretch mark prevention cream, stretch mark prevention oil, bust firming cream, and moisturizer. They all have a nice floral smell (hubby and toddler approved as well). I’ve mainly been using them after I get out of the shower, so maybe not every day, but close to it! If I was pregnant with my first again, it’d be an every day thing. I was really great about daily habits then. Now, I’ve kind of slid away from that ( I know someone out there can agree it’s hard to keep up some of your good habits after kiddos come into the picture)! BUT, saying all of that, I do love these. The oil is probably my favorite from this collection. I’ve always been partial to oils, and this one doesn’t need too long to soak in before you can put clothes on. I know that sometimes when you massage oil into your body, you feel like you have to be naked for at least 30 minutes!


So, after the shower, I’ll usually put the stretch mark prevention cream on first, then the oil, because I only put the cream over some targeted areas of mine that are more prone to stretch marks (hips and tummy for me). Then I’ll follow up with the bust firming cream ,  putting that on in an upward motion from my chest to my neck. Then, the moisturizer goes everywhere else.


I’ll definitely start using this whole combo as soon as I get pregnant the next time. This pregnancy, I’ve only been using it in my third trimester. So far, my skin feels great, and I don’t have any new stretch marks!


We’re 37 weeks now, so we’re ready for go time! My nephew was just born, and his due date was only two days before this little nugget’s. Hopefully she’ll come earthside soon as well! I also received two baby products that I’m anxious to try on her – Hydra Bebe Body Lotion and PhysiOBebe No Rince Micellar Cleansing Water. I’ve been able to use the lotion on Hallen. It’s a great moisturizer for her dry skin. The cleansing water is really cool! I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s to clean your baby’s skin with a cotton ball or little wipe in all of their folds. I remember all the newborn “cheese” that somehow accumulates on newborns, and this will be perfect!


Photography Dear November 

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