Prenatal Exercises

I’ve been so excited to write this and dreading it at the same time. I love to exercise. I really do. Before kids, I was a personal trainer, and then when I got pregnant with Hallen, I stopped doing that, but kept teaching barre classes. Once she arrived, I was teaching a couple barre classes a week and became certified in yoga. I’ve also been a runner almost my entire life. With Hallen, I was able to keep up with running until I was nearly 35 weeks. Then, it just felt like my pelvis was going to fall out from underneath me, so I did cardio machines until she arrived…literally. I taught my normal barre class on Monday morning, and then did my normal workout on an elliptical. That night, she came! I had an all natural and relatively short labor with her for a first timer.

This pregnancy has been COMPLETELY different. I’ve almost been pregnant and not exercising for a year now because of our miscarriage last year. I’m always a little more cautious during the first trimester, so I do more of a run/walk to avoid overheating. Well, once I miscarried, I got pregnant two weeks later with this little girl and started having bleeding episodes from my subchorionic hemorrhage, so I had to take it REALLY easy. My last bleed was around 15 or so weeks, and I was just never able to get into an exercise routine. I was so scared I’d jar something in there, and after just having miscarried, I was being extra cautious. So, needless to say, I’m a little more nervous about this labor. I hope I have enough endurance to do an all natural labor again.

But, I have started exercising a couple times a week now. That may be walking or doing light weights/body weight exercises. I’m ready for this chick to be here, so I’m doing all I can without over doing it! So far, yoga, fast walking with lunges and squats, and body weight exercises during nap time have been my favorite!dinofloralyoga-15dinofloralyoga-16

Cat/cow are two of my favorite poses right now. It helps align the baby in your pelvis to come out the correct way, and feels amazing for my back and hips. I’ll usually sway my hips a little as well in a neutral spine. This is something to do every morning to alleviate some aches and pains that you wake up with in the third trimester.




The goddess or horse pose is something I used to do in almost every single one of my barre classes that I taught. Of course you can do this holding onto a stroller (like I’ll show), a wall in your house, or a table. First, you’ll be on flat feet, toes pointing as far outward as possible. You can pulse or stand straight up, squat back down. Make sure your stance is wide and knees directly over toes. I like staying down for a while and pulsing, lifting one heel, then the next, and then both at one. Keep pulsing as you lift your heels. You can then squeeze your knees together (they won’t touch, but doing that little squeezing motion with your inner thighs) and then pulse back, squeezing your cheeks together. This is SO good for us mamas to be as it helps open your pelvis, and again, help direct your baby into the birth canal.

While your standing on flat feet, go ahead and just hold your baby. This is a great time to bond. Speak encouraging words to yourself and your little!


Big toe pose is a really great stretch for your achy back and tight hamstrings. Feet are wide. Knees can be bent. It should be comfortable. Wrap your index finger and middle finger around your big toes and sway side to side. Simple simple. Just relax and breathe. Your stance may have to be a little bit wider for this pose when your pregnant. Do what feels comfortable for your body.


Planks are a great way to keep your core strong, and they help combat back pain. I do recommend a modified plank after 20 weeks. Since it is a core exercise, you just need to be more careful. I did have some diastasic recti (separated abs) after my first pregnancy, and I think it’s because I did a lot of not modified planks. So please, put your knees or knees and toes on the ground. No one will judge you. It’s still a powerful workout. And it’s only a few more months until you can go back to your regular workouts! dinofloralyoga-2dinofloralyoga-4dinofloralyoga-9dinofloralyoga-6A few more stretches or poses that are safe and gentle for pregnancy are mountain pose, figure four pose, bound angle pose, and pigeon pose. The first photo (mountain) is really good to stretch your sides out, and help with round ligament pain. Make sure not to stretch too far, or it may worsen any round ligament pain.

The last three photos are good for opening up tight hips and groin areas. For pigeon pose, you can stay up on your hands or only walk them as far forward as it feels comfortable. Again, be careful. You know your body better than anyone else, and if something doesn’t feel right, back off a little bit or change positions.

Later this week, I’ll talk a little bit more about what I like to do when I’m on a walk with Hallen. Stroller workouts are really fun!

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Photography Dear November

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