Bushka Bag

I can’t believe we’re getting closer and closer to having two little girls in our home! This month is going by so slowly and yet so quickly at the same time. I don’t have much left to do in terms of preparation like I did with Hallen, so I feel like I’m just waiting around for contractions to start!

I’m loving some of my new things  for this little girl, and one of them is my Bushka Bag. It’s such a neat concept of a diaper bag, and comes in the prettiest prints. bushkabag-4

It’s different than any other diaper bag I’ve seen. The storage compartments are really great, so you can see where everything is. You aren’t digging down deep searching for something in a dark bag. There are two dedicated bottle pockets (I have other things in there for now since I’ll be exclusively nursing), and three other large clear pockets. Behind one of the clear pockets, there is a concealed waterproof pocket and another hidden pocket for whatever else you may need to carry!

It’s also a changing table, so when you need one or don’t want to go in a bathroom where ever you may be, you just open your diaper bag! The pad is made of soft chenille and unsnaps for easy washing.

I remember having to change Hallen in some weird spots, so this will make it so nice when I need to do a quick diaper change in a booth or on a bench. I can see where the diapers and wipes are, and I know she’s on a clean space.

I also have one of the soft Bushka Blankies that fit perfectly in this diaper bag. It’ll be perfect for cuddling or even a burp cloth if I need one quickly!


This bag is definitely being packed to come with me to the hospital! I just had a little baby sprinkle, so now I feel a little more prepared to pack my bags!

There are also pockets on the outside for your keys and wallet, so you don’t always have to open the bag to grab what you need, which is really convenient for a mama always on the go!

I also


I will be updating this when the little one makes her arrival to show you how this actually functions with a baby on it! Hoping she’ll make her appearance any day now. I don’t know how much more my ribs can take. Does anyone have a remedy for really bad rib pain?!

Photography Dear November Photography

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