Lipsense Review

I know you’ve probably heard of or seen on Facebook something about a lipgloss that basically lasts all day ( up to 18 hours). Well, I’ve tried it! And I’ve fallen in love…after struggling for the first few days, I’m not going to lie. I got my lipgloss from Lisa, The Lipologist. She’s GREAT to work with. I told her I wanted something red that looks good on olive skin, and she picked out the perfect color for me – Fly Girl. I also got the Oops Remover and The Glossy Gloss.


It came with instructions and tips and tricks. She was also great about following up and answering any questions I had about the gloss.

For the first few days, she said I would probably experience a little tingle from the gloss, because it was exfoliating and cleansing my lips. I definitely experienced the tingle. And I had to apply the gloss a lot! Now, after two weeks of using it everyday, I definitely don’t feel the need to apply the gloss every  10 or 20 minutes. My lips feel great and moisturized!


First day of putting it on!

I apply two coats (letting each layer dry for about 5 seconds) and then the gloss. Since the color is very vibrant, I also had to learn how to apply well. I guess I’m usually sloppy with chapsticks and glosses haha! That’s really all there is to it, though. Just apply the gloss as needed.


Another big takeaway for this lipgloss for me is to make sure to apply before and after you eat. I found that if I didn’t apply before I ate, I would wipe some of the color off on my napkin. It’d flake off a little bit. But, if I apply the gloss before, it’s totally fine.


You really should give this a try. It’s baby and hubby approved. Kevin used to hate when I put lip gloss on, because he knew it meant that I wouldn’t kiss him until it came off (I can’t be the only lady out there who has that rule)! And now, he always says how much he loves this gloss since I’ll still kiss him 😛

Contact Lisa if you’d like to try it!

Also, mention my name, and she’ll give you a 15% discount!





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