Premama Prenatal Nutrition

There are some things I wish I would have heard about and started using right as I found out I was pregnant. The products from Premama are some of those things! I’ve been loving my daily routine with these added in there. And the Essentials drink mix would have been amazing for the first trimester bouts of nausea.


I mix the little packet with either orange juice or a smoothie in the mornings. There’s no funny flavor or texture from it at all. Just an added boost for me and the babe.



Ive also been taking their Digestive Aid chew every morning. It has a caramel like flavor. If you’ve ever had a calcium chew, it basically tastes and feels like that. And you know how weird your digestive system gets when you become pregnant. It’s been such a great help…especially in the third trimester when everything is so cramped and not in it’s normal place!

Once the baby finally arrives, I’ll start taking their lactation support drink mix. It helps boost milk production and has great vitamins in it just like the prenatal drink mix. There will definitely be an update on here once I start adding that into my drinks. I already have a few packets packed in my hospital bag!

Definitely give Premama a try! They even have a fertility supplement if you’re trying to get pregnant! They have a team of medical professionals that stand behind their products, and really are transparent about their mission and who they are.


  • I was gifted these products, but all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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