Ingrid & Isabel


When you’re waiting on you’re baby to be born (who should have been here by now if she was on Hallen’s schedule), you go anywhere and everywhere to distract yourself! So, for me that’s usually shopping or walking around downtown. This outfit from Ingrid and Isabel is perfect for just going out and about, but feeling cute still (and not like a whale at 9 months). And I know I don’t look that big…everyone tells me I’m still so small, BUT it doesn’t change the fact that I feel like I have absolutely no space left to share with this munchkin or my organs ha!

This high low top is the perfect breezy and comfortable top to not feel restricted, and I’ll still be wearing it once she’s born. Perfect for leggings and nursing, right?!

We’re really trying to finish up last minute projects around the house. Do I think they’ll get done before she’s here? No. Not at all. It’s so much tougher when you also have a toddler to watch! I also know that it really doesn’t matter, though. She’ll be in our bedroom for a few months, so I’ve also been more relaxed at getting projects finished than I was with Hallen.


These boyfriend jeans are also AMAZING. They’re a panel maternity jean, but the back of it is V cut, so it doesn’t go all the way up your back. Super comfortable. I’ve never seen another pair like these. I also love the relaxed look of them. Right on trend for the springtime.


So, while we’re waiting on our second daughter’s entrance, I’ll be galavanting around town, distracting myself, or trying to get all of these little projects finished up! I still have to finish packing my hospital bag! This top is definitely going in there, though. Maybe I’ll go and start doing that now instead of watching all the HGTV 😉

Photography Dear November Photography

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