Hazel Marigold

The past five days have been been a new change of pace and a new type of love I always knew I wanted, but hadn’t experienced before! I’ve known since I was probably five years old that I wanted lots of babies, and that my calling was to be a mother. And here I sit five days after bringing our second daughter into this crazy world, and I know we still aren’t finished. Little Hazel has filled our hearts with more love than I thought was possible, and makes Kevin and I even more excited to have more of these little nuggets!

I’ll write a separate post for her birth story. I just wanted to introduce her to everyone, and let you know we’re surviving two kids so far! She loves sleep as much as her big sister Hallen did at this age. And Hallen LOVES showing her baby sissy off to everyone that comes over to take a peek.


She’s already regaining her birth weight – went down from 7.1 to 6.12, so not too bad! She’s nursing like a champ, and already a little model not even knowing it! It’s still hard to believe we’re a family of four. I’ve dreamed of this for so long. And no matter how challenging it is, I remind myself that this is an answered prayer. So many answered prayers actually. It’s such an overwhelming amount of joy. Our little rainbow baby…making our family more complete.


I’ll still be taking a little time to come back to blogging and regular social media activity, so bare with me as we make this new transition! Love all of you, and can’t wait to catch up!


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