Ingrid & Isabel Cozy Wrap

Nine days into this having-two-children-to-raise-now thing, and I feel like it’s going pretty well! I mean, I haven’t been alone with both of them for more than a couple hours, but all in all, I’m loving having two little girls to call ours. Yes, it’s exhausting. Yes, it takes a lot of prep to get out the door. Yes, there’s a lot of crying from Hallen when I can’t hold her. But, we’re still in the adjustment phase. I feel so blessed to have another pretty chill infant. Kevin already said, “let’s have another,” ha!

One thing that’s been so much easier this time is nursing in public. Hallen was a great nurser from the get go, but I didn’t know how to do it and feel comfortable in front of other people without milk going everywhere. I felt like I needed five hands to keep both of us dry and make sure my other boob didn’t start spraying everywhere (sorry if that’s a little TMI). So, needless to say, it took a couple months to have the confidence to be able to do it in public. With Hazel, I knew what I was doing. She knew what she was doing. And the first time we went out in public, I had no fear of an accidental “Janet Jackson Super Bowl ” moment. It just came naturally. And I had a beautiful wrap from Ingrid and Isabel that doubles as a nursing cover. I’ve been wearing it so much. It’s comfortable, keeps me and Hazel warm, and I can just stick her under the wrap where ever we are.

We’ve been going to the river in our neighborhood a lot since Hazel was born to just get out of the house, but not have to stray too far from home. And of course, the wrap comes with us.


I feel like this wrap is just so multi purpose, because I can also use it as a blanket just for her if I need to! Because, let’s be honest…I’ve forgotten a lot of the stuff I need for her when we walk out of the door. This includes her diapers, wipes, and a change of outfits just in case! Logistics and remembering everything I need is just tough right now!


The top I’m wearing under this wrap is also one of my absolute favorite pieces for nursing moms. It’s an Undercover Mama tank, which is actually more like a tube top. It attaches to your nursing bra, so that you pull it down with your bra when you need to nurse. I wear it under EVERYTHING. This way my stomach doesn’t show when I’m out in public. I have several of these, so that when one is dirty I can just grab another one. So, if you’re nursing, do yourself a favor and buy a few of these!

Everyone told me that two would be so much more difficult than one, and a huge shock to our way of life. And it really hasn’t been. I am outnumbered when I’m all alone, but knowing what to expect with a newborn this time was a game changer. I didn’t know what Hazel’s personality was going to be like, but I knew I’d be tired from night time feedings. I knew how to nurse this time around. I knew I didn’t need to be paranoid about the small things. I knew how to work a carseat, etc. So, to all the naysayers out there, stop telling people that and scaring them! Having two littles is fantastic in it’s own tiring way. We’re still learning our new normal, and will be for quite some time since the first year is full of change, but we’ve got this. Bring on the good days and bad days.


I could this face be that difficult?!

Photography Dear November Photography

Shop this look below:

Women’s Ingrid & Isabel ‘Cozy’ Maternity & Nursing Wrap

Undercover MamaTM Strapless Lace Nursing Tank in Black

French Sole FS/NY Sloop Polka Dot Ballet Flat • French Sole

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Hazel’s Outfit:

Spring Fling Romper – Rhett Tucker

Black Fur Boots – Brave Threads


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