Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Learning how your new baby sleeps (or doesn’t sleep) is one of the trickiest things for me. Hallen was just easy. She napped well and slept well at night since day one. Hazel is also a great sleeper at night, but getting her to sleep for naps is a lot more difficult. Day one of bringing her home from the hospital, we’ve used one swaddle and one swaddle only. It’s such a great one! The Love To Dream swaddle is seriously a life saver. We use it both for naps and night time. Hazel already understands that once that zipper goes up, sleep time is about to start.



How adorable is this swaddle?! She looks like a flying squirrel 🙂 The curves on the sides emulate the natural sleeping position, and the arms up design is just how she was in the womb. It allows her to self soothe. And she truly does. Those little hands go straight to her mouth!


There are also two zippers, which is perfect for nighttime diaper changes! I use the one at the bottom, so she’s still nice and tight in her swaddle at the top, and unzip it just enough so I can do a quick change. I love how she feels secure in this swaddle, and  yet her little legs still have room to wiggle around in it as well.




I recommend this swaddle 100%. I’ll definitely be getting it in a few more colors and sizes as she grows. They have three different stages for their swaddle (0-4, 4-9, and 4-36 months). So everything is a nice and slow transition for your little…just the way little ones like it!

**We’ve also been using this DockATot since we’ve brought her home, and loved it! Review to come on this later 🙂

Love To Dream Baby Neutral Swaddle

Love To Dream Baby Girl Swaddle

Infant Dockatot Deluxe Stage 1 Docking Sleeper Station



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