Design History Dress & a Small Apology

So, I feel like I need to take a step back from my last post, and apologize. From comments that I received, even from friends, it felt like I made some of you need to defend yourselves with your growing families. That’s definitely NOT what I intended to do. I didn’t ever intend to make you feel bad if you had a rough transition from one to two children. I know it can be rough! A few of my friends said it correctly…we just need to be there for each other as women…empowering each other, and cheering each other on as we do life! And, although it may be hard at the time, hard is not the same as bad (thanks for that one, Lauren).

Sometimes my words come out harshly, because it’s what is on the tip of my tongue. My emotions spill out onto a screen. I didn’t mean to “mom shame” anyone or discount your experience! I want to be as uplifting as possible. If you had a rough transition from one to two or from four to five, I KNOW it’s not because you aren’t doing everything possible in your parenting capabilities for those babies. Children have different personalities and react differently to certain situations. I love mom-ing out with all my mom friends…watching them parent, and hearing their stories and insights. This was more geared towards strangers who felt like they needed to tell me how terrible my life would be…especially since we were having ANOTHER girl! The horror!

Anyways…I’m sorry. You’re doing a great job at being a mom. It’s a tough job…not for the faint of heart. And I know you’re doing the best you can. Everyone also says going from two to three is pretty easy…it probably won’t be that way for me! We’ll see in a couple years 😛

Apology at the forefront…and hopefully you know I’m sincere, I’ll share a little bit about the start of week four with our two little gal pals!

There were several days this week where we just couldn’t make it out of the house. Naps didn’t line up, and Hazel is awful at falling asleep herself, so once I get her to sleep, I definitely don’t want to move her!


We finally got to go out as a family on Friday afternoon. Kevin came home a little early so we could spend some family time together. Didn’t venture far, but it doesn’t take much to make a toddler happy…and car rides always make a newborn fall asleep (so happy she likes the carseat)! So a little stroll was all we needed.

All the spring weather we’ve been having started turning chilly, though 😦 And the onset of snow in March is enough to make any southerner cry about now. So, we didn’t las long in our warm weather outfits! We turned around not long after we went out just to go home and turn on our fireplace!

But, I’m so excited to wear this fun dress from Design History more in the springtime! It’s a midi length, which is really in right now, and the lining only comes to my mid-thigh, so the bottom is nice and flowy , and slightly sheer. It makes it nice and light! It’s also a great dress for us nursing moms. Undo a couple of buttons, and your set!


I paired the dress with a nice nude heel, a slim belt, and my favorite new leather cuff from Sweet Peas Stamping!


I love it! You can put whatever message you want on it, and really personalize it just for you.

Hope everyone has been having a good weekend (and not getting snow)! We’re taking it pretty easy while I catch up with all of you and on the blog! I don’t want to go out much in this cold weather anyways! Hallen had a blast in her “dancing outfit.” She’s showing you her “dancing man (you know…that inflatable that’s in front of every new store opening)” moves below!

Photography Dear November Photography

This dress is sold out, but some of my favorite midi length dresses for the spring are below:

Women’s Billabong Wrap Me Up Print Midi Dress • Billabong

Women’s Astr The Label Lace Midi Dress

Women’s Wayf Blouson Midi Dress • WAYF

ASOS Embroidered Mesh and Lace Midi Dress • Asos

Alice + Olivia Sleeveless Midi Dress • Alice + Olivia

FOREVER 21+ Skinny Faux Leather Belt • Forever 21

Style & Co Rhinestud 2-for-1 Skinny Belts, Only at Macy’s • Style&Co.

Wild Pair Women’s Wild Pair Kisme Platform Patent Leather Sandals

Leather Platform Sandals • Halston

Steve Madden Kaiden patent platform sandals • Steve Madden

Hallen’s Look:

Floral Leotard – Brooklynn and Grey

Knee Highs – Little Stocking Co.



8 thoughts on “Design History Dress & a Small Apology

  1. Love your dress. Looks so great on you. And I am sure going from one little one to two can be hard no matter who you are ! You are a great mama!


  2. I’m definitely one who knows what it’s like to say one thing and have it come across another way . Your intentions weren’t bad at all and it’s so big of you to apologize to those who may have felt the need to defend themselves. Hope you’re having an amazing weekend


  3. What a beautiful post and sincere apology girl! That’s amazing!
    You look gorgeous in this dress and your girl is just the cutest! Love Design History! They have the cutest things!
    We are getting snow as I type here in Chicago… so that’s not good! hahaha


  4. You didn’t come across as harsh to me, but then again, I don’t have kids so I wouldn’t know 🙂 Sounds lovely you got to spend some quality family time and that dress from Design History is simply stunning on you! 🙂


  5. Hello dear, aw you did not come across harsh to me. I love how honest you are through this post, thank you for that. And the photos are so pretty here! That dress looks so pretty on you! Love reading your posts girl!
    Can’t wait for more.
    xoxo, Dom


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