Alright Spring, Do Your Thing.

It’s here! It happens the same day every year, and yet it’s such a day to rejoice when it actually happens! Because on March 20th, we know that even if it’s still snowing, warmth is just around the corner. I like to treat the first day of spring like a holiday. Buy some flowers for the house. Go on a walk in flip flops and no jacket. Maybe start putting sweaters away. Take a look in my bathing suit drawer. Perhaps, go on a casual run/walk to feel like I’m getting in shape for shorts season! You know you do it too!

Spring is just a feeling of rejuvenation. You feel like you’re 10 pounds lighter, even if you gained weight over the winter. You feel more motivated and ready to get your tasks checked off your list. For me, it was just vacuuming! I hadn’t done it since Hazel was born! Annndddd folding three (okay four) loads of laundry. Don’t judge! At least I got them washed.

Everything seemed to blossom in the south about a month early this time. I’m hoping that means our last freeze also took away all the pollen! Wouldn’t that be great? So, we’ve been able to enjoy the beauty of spring without the stickiness for a little while. Around us, there are some beautiful peach orchards, and peach trees have gorgeous blossoms. Because, you know…South Carolina has the best peaches. It’s not Georgia!


They’re almost like miniature cherry blossoms, except without the crowds surrounding them at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

And what better way to invite springtime in than with an off-shoulder ivory dress from Ingrid & Isabel. I love the length of this dress. It’s perfect for any activity (except working out maybe…), and you can throw on flip flops, booties, or wedges for different looks! You can even add a little belt and a hat for a nice style.


I love that it’s an unassuming and demure dress, but is so stylish and still shows a peak of skin. I think that some of women’s best features to highlight are their collar bones and shoulders, and this dress does just that. It’s beautiful. Perfect for pregnant and nursing mamas or for someone who’s looking for the perfect spring dress. Ingrid & Isabel also just released an off the should lace top that’s a similar style to this! That’ll be my next purchase!


Photography Dear November Photography

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10 thoughts on “Alright Spring, Do Your Thing.

  1. I am so happy it is spring too! Wishing you lots of sunshine and warm weather. Those cherry blossoms are so beautiful. And I love that dress it looks great on you. It will be so perfect for spring.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m beyond excited for Spring and I feel the same way. You just get that extra motivation to actually get things done! It’s amazing how weather impacts our actions.
    Also, you look so cute in this dress and these photos are so beautiful! Can’t wait for the trees to blossom here in Chicago as well.


  3. Im sooo happy that it’s spring and you couldn’t have picked a better location for a Spring shoot! The cherry blossoms are absolutely gorgeous. I loooove your white off the shoulder dress. Off the shoulder was one of my favorite trends this past year and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.. It’s such a great style!


  4. Cheers to spring and to your beautiful outfit! I love that you celebrate the arrival of spring and I should probably do the same as spring is finally over here though. What’s not here yet though is the beautiful blossoming you’re surrounded by. Can’t wait to have a photo shoot with some blossoming trees surrounding me 🙂


  5. Hello dear. What a beautiful outfit! I love that you are celebrating spring as well. These shots of you with the beautiful trees blossoming behind you are truly magical. Happy spring dear!
    xoxo, Dom


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