SoundBub. Music To My Ears.

For the past week, we’ve been lucky enough to try out SoundBub. We have Ollie the Owl, but they come in a few different animals. It’s a portable white noise machine/speaker. Where ever we go, he goes too. You can attach it to a carseat, an Ergo, a high chair, prop it on the table or ground, or just place it near your child.


Hazel is a relatively easy going baby, but the one thing she needs help with is falling asleep, so I was beyond excited to give SoundBub a try. It comes with two soothing sounds…rain and the ocean waves. I usually set it to the ocean, because I’m listening to it too, and I want to be by the ocean ha! But, the cool thing about SoundBub is that you can pair it with a blue tooth device and it can play whatever you want! Whether that’s a song that your little one likes, white noise, or an audio book!

Part of pairing it with a blue tooth device means you also have access to their VoiceShare app. It allows you to create playlists, record a message to soothe your little one, or upload your own music. You can even tell Grandma and Grandpa to record something for your little one to hear on the app! So, if they’re far away, they’ll feel a little closer. I haven’t tried this out yet, but I’m excited to get a little saying from all of Hazel’s grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins for her to listen to…maybe a lullaby or them just saying shhhh, because that always gets her to sleep!

SoundBub6-1SoundBub-2The place I use SoundBub the most is on her carseat, because she doesn’t like it for some reason. So, it helps us with car rides a lot. It really comforts her! I also use it when I’m going to someone’s house, and I know she’s going to take a nap.


I wouldn’t recommend something if I didn’t whole heartedly back it up. SoundBub really is great. Even as your baby gets older, you can play his or her favorite music through it if they’re over needing white noise (although I still like to use white noise for my toddler too)!

So, put it on your baby registry or order one today!



11 thoughts on “SoundBub. Music To My Ears.

  1. This sound machine is just so amazing. I love that it is shaped like and owl and that it is small enough to be portable. And your little one is just so cute and growing so fast!


  2. My niece uses this too! It’s so great! I’m happy you did a post on it girl! More people should use it cause it works flawlessly. Thank you for sharing.
    xoxo, Dom


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