Vintage Spring Style With JORD

We’ve been spending so much time outside since the spring has started. Less TV. More fresh air. Less time at the stove top. More time at the grill. Less time picking up toys. More time picking wild flowers.

I recently had an amazing opportunity for a collaboration with Jord, but since I had already won one of their AMAZING watches from Debbie at To Thine Own Style Be True, my husband got a chance to try one out, and it’s become one of my favorite statement pieces. (I may have to steal it from time to time…except he basically sleeps with it on!) He got the Dover series in Olive & Acacia, but really had a tough time choosing since they all look amazing. He loves how you have to wind it up to make it work. It’s like a little piece of history right on his wrist.


Do you remember fidgeting with your grandfather’s pocket watch ever? This watch brings back that nostalgia of childhood but with a sophisticated twist. The mix of the creamy and rich colors on this watch are perfect for honoring that eclectic yet modern side of you. Neither one of us had owned a wooden watch before our JORD’s, and I don’t think we’ll ever go to another brand. Like I’ve said before, I stand behind the brands that I show you, and these watches are really that great.

I appreciate a piece that tells a story, not just something that’ll be here one moment and forgotten the next. There’s a timeless beauty (no pun intended) about these watches. They feel great, they’re made well, and the details are beautiful. I’ve never been someone who’s wanted a watch that tells me everything that a computer can, so the simplicity of “just a watch” is perfect .

Kevin’s watch has already been so many places. Right as he opened the box, you could tell it was going to be something special. There’s a fresh cedar smell that just takes over your senses, and brings you back to warm memories. And the box top is magnetic!


Just about every person who’s seen his watch has commented on it! The creamy, light colors just scream spring to me. Kevin paired it with a nice floral tie and tie bar from Dazi for a fresh look.


And here’s the most exciting part of this post! I’ve teamed up with JORD to give one lucky winner a $100 e-gift code, and all other entrants will receive a $25 JUST for entering my contest! How great is that?! Just click on this link to fill out the giveaway form!


Shirt//Similar Tie
Luxury Wooden Watch


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