Wind Blown

Yep. Still talking about the wind in Florida. Because who can really pull of the wind blown look anyways?! I want to meet that woman and shake her hand. And then, ask her what products she uses. Even with a keratin treatment I look like a scruffy pup! If there was never torrential wind again, I think I’d be okay with that.

When there is a lot of big gusts, though, there’s nothing better than a little more length on a dress so that it doesn’t get blown up so easily!


This happened to be my Easter Sunday dress. We looked and looked for churches to go to, but since the girls weren’t on their normal routine, it was too tough. So, we all stayed in and watched Elevation Church online (our home church in NC). It ended up being the perfect thing for all of us to do! After church, Kevin, the girls, and I ventured out to find somewhere yummy to eat and soak up some family time before we had to leave the next day.


And, naturally, we had to stop for some fro-yo after lunch. It ended up being the nastiest fro-yo ever! I guess we should have known when we were the only ones in the shop! $9 wasted…


This is a little view of our resort…and a little view of the back of this dress! It’s all in the details, right? Whenever I see a little detail on the back of a piece I already love, I have to have it!






And the stud himself #instagramhusband


Yep. Wind blown ladies who love it…talk to me! Share your windy secrets! I know extra hold hairspray won’t do the trick either, so don’t lie!

Dress// Similar shoes here, here, and here (all under $100)


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