Matching Florals

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Like…it’s sooner than you think. I know holidays come around the same time each year, so it shouldn’t be a surprise, but somehow it always is, right?! How is that? I’ll figure it out one day! I always say I’ll buy things way ahead of time, but then end up doing last minute shopping.

Well, I found the perfect mommy and me outfits for all of you who love to match your daughters! The fun thing is that these are all small shops, so you’re helping a mom stay at home who wants to be a SAHM and have an income! I always love finding small shops that I love, and who I want to keep buying from!


And there’s still some time before Mother’s Day to get your orders in quickly! These dresses can be worn so many different ways. There’s a video collage in my stories to show you how I like to wear this dress from Fitch and Stitch. For the girls, I just paired them with bloomers, because I think it’s cuter than seeing a diaper!


How darling are these turbans from Miranda Lauren Kids?! I never thought I’d wear one, but I have to say, I may be wearing them more often. It’s a really fun head accessory, and you’d never know if there was a rat’s nest under there! Hallen had to be convinced to wear hers (hence the lollipop), but that’s just because she a defiant toddler some days!


A few more fun accessories to complete the matching outfits:

Hazel’s bow// Matching necklaces// Girls’ matching sandals






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