Essential Oils & Nighttime Routines


I love essential oils. I don’t use them daily like I should, but I always know that “there’s an oil for that!” And when something is off in my body, I always like to try and work it out naturally instead of popping an Aspirin. I like to do that with my girls, too. I am so thankful for modern medicine, but I also know that there’s a lot we can do without.

That being said, I was sent these roller ball applicators for oils from Floating Feather Essentials to try out. I got the Calm and Wellness ones. I had never used a roller ball applicator for oils before this! It’s the best! It makes using oils so much easier. The calm is great for sleeping, which hellllooooo, I have a newborn, so I want sleep and I want her to sleep. I apply a little to my wrists and a little to the bottoms of her feet before bedtime every night. The Calm consists of cedar, lavender, and orange. All of which are supposed to be grounding and calming. Perfect potion for a great night’s sleep, right?!



The Wellness oil is a blend completely unique to Young Living. It’s called Thieves – clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. It smells AMAZING!! So good for your immune system. I also put this on Hazel’s feet since there are a lot of pores.


And how cute is this little nightgown from Steel Sweet? I love putting Hazel in nightgowns at night for easy diaper changes. I really like the snaps on the end of this particular one. Keeps her nice and warm! It’s also good for a small application of oils on her feet!



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