If you try to live your life as natural and as free of chemicals as possible, I’ve found a product for you! LOLA!

I received a box of tampons and ultra thin liners to try out, and I can say that I do love them. They’re sleek, aren’t uncomfortable, and they’re healthier than your traditional feminine products!

LOLA products are all organic cotton- no synthetic stuff, dyes, or toxins. It’s kind of scary when you start to research what’s in your products that you use every month! On top of an all organic, great for you product, these are delivered straight to your door every month, so that when “the time of the month” comes around, you don’t have to run to the store because you forgot to grab some tampons or pads last time you were there!


It matters what’s on underneath, right? There’s no need to worry about what’s going into your body when you have your cycle every month! Also pictured is a bralette from one of my favorite new shops! Mentionables just opened! It’s a model free lingerie shop. And I LOVE that they don’t use models! No need to compare yourselves to other women in lingerie or for your husband to have to scroll through photos of other women in lingerie if he wants to shop for you! I’ll definitely be buying a few more pieces.



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