Vienna Springs

I love baby wearing. Love it. It’s so sweet when your little babe snuggles against your chest and you feel her breath on your skin. And right now, Hazel will only sleep when she’s being worn when we’re out and about. She’ll cry 45 minutes on a car ride, but once my husband or I get her out of the car and place her on our chest in my Vienna Springs ring sling, she instantly calms down. Her cry slows to that teeny little whimper while she catches her breath until she finally falls asleep so peacefully.


I’ve loved having this ring sling, because it frees up my hands when I’m out or even at home. Dinner time is always a toss up if she’ll nap by herself or not, and if she doesn’t, I’m usually wearing her while she nurses in the sling. I had tried nursing in another structured carrier I love, but the ring sling wins for nursing! There’s just less in the way, and if I want to be modest while I’m out, I cover myself with the “tail.”


The color is so beautiful. It’s a dusty pink with rose gold rings (It’s the desert rose color in chambray linen). I love that it’s made with natural fibers so that I don’t have to worry about what’s sitting right against Hazel’s skin. The cool thing about these slings is that I can use them until she’s 35 lbs, so technically I could wear Hallen in it, but since she’s in her sassy, independent phase, I haven’t been able to yet haha!


It’s so great knowing that Hazel is safe and sound in my Vienna Springs ring sling. Sometimes I just let her nap in it for her whole nap time just so I don’t have to be anxious about a baby sleeping when I walk away!


My outfit linked below:

Skirt//Tank//Flats//Floral Headband//Bracelet


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