CA Souls

Delicate, unique, and meaningful. Three words that would describe the bracelets we received from CA Souls. A delicate piece of jewelry usually seems understated, which I love, but, these “understated” bracelets also make a big statement unknowingly to everyone’s eye. They’re morse code bracelets! You can customize it with a message you want or buy one that they’ve already made up.


My bracelet is 14k gold filled and spells out “mother” with both of the girls’ birthstones attached to it. And both of the girls have their own rose gold filled bracelet, which spells out their names. It’s like their first friendship bracelet!


CA Souls offers both bracelets and necklaces. I can see myself buying these for so many gifts and for my own mother! It’s one of those pieces you just don’t take off, because it’s not a cumbersome bracelet. You can just stack more on with it!


I do so much with my hands as a mother…I change diapers, give hugs to my babies when they’re sad, tuck them in at night, wipe messy mouths, read them books, blow noses, put their clothes on, play peekaboo, and make all my coffee for those sleepless nights. So, adorning my wrist with something I’ll see every time I’m embracing my role as a mother just seems right. When I see my bracelet, it reminds me that if I’m losing my temper, taking on too much, or playing dress up with my girls, that I’m a mother first, and everything else comes second right now.


My dress is still available, just not in this color! Two options here and here

Hallen’s top

Similar romper to the one Hazel is wearing


5 thoughts on “CA Souls

  1. sofirst, your kids are ADORABLE! warms my heart. completely agree, understated accessories make the biggest and best statement! this jewelry is gorgeous and you wear it well.


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