Sassy Toddlers


Look at the camera. Smile. Sit down. Stop hitting your sister. Stop hitting the dog with your stroller. Don’t throw that. Stay in your room until I come and get you. No, you can’t go outside without me! Stop pulling my hair! YOU HAVE TO WEAR PANTS!

The words on repeat at our house lately. And I have no clue how it happened. Hallen was seriously the easiest baby on the planet. No lie. I could have had quadruplet Hallen’s, and I could have survived easily. She didn’t need any help going to sleep, she nursed easily, she was great in the car, she didn’t need to be rocked or patted, and she honestly never cried! This all stopped once she hit the toddler stage. And the past two months have increasingly tough. She’s challenging me in every aspect of life. Everything is a fight. And now in the past week, she’s finally realized she can get out of her room without me coming to get her. So, wake up time has gone from 8:30 to 6:30, and nap time has shortened by an hour. SHe’s making me more tired than the newborn right now!


Her opinions are forming, and she’s starting to realize she has some authority to her own life it seems. I never thought she’d be this challenging. She was supposed to be my little bookworm. My introvert. My no timeout girl. Instead it’s been 20 timeouts before 10 in the morning lately. I know this is all just a phase. She definitely has her sweet moments still. That’s why we keep toddlers around, right?! They’re just so darn cute and funny! She pretends to sneeze, she tells you how much she loves every single part of you. She kisses your cheeks. She’s become quite the cuddle bug. Whenever Hazel is awake, she wants to hold her. She has the cutest little toddler voice. She’s obsessed with shoes.


And she loves to wear matching outfits. She’d rather match with Hazel, but she’ll settle for matching mommy. And I’m going to ride that train as long as she’ll let me. I LOVE these leggings from a small shop, Bean and Brea. They’re the perfect spring legging with the bright florals and white background.


Matching Leggings

My top is sold out online, but here is one similar option, and here is another.

Shoes//Similar summer shoe (they’re on my list to get! I love KORKS)

Hallen’s top

Hallen’s shoes are sold out, but here is one similar option, and here is another.



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