Recently moved back to the south with my sweet hubby, baby girl, and pup. I love to share the latest in fashion. I’m also a photographer, so I take a lot of photos (you can follow my little girl’s fashion adventures on Instagram @hallen.amelie)! I’ll also share some of my life with you, because that’s what a blog is, right?

The name Dear November Days came out of a period of sadness for us as a family. We had a miscarriage summer 2016, and it rocked our world. The little babe was due in November…he or she would probably share a birthday with our oldest daughter, Hallen. November will be forever inscribed on our hearts because of happiness and the sadness from memories we’ll never have. Dear November Days also serves as a little journal of our days as a family, so that I can share everything with him or her. It may sound silly, but it’s a nice release.