Essential Oils & Nighttime Routines


I love essential oils. I don’t use them daily like I should, but I always know that “there’s an oil for that!” And when something is off in my body, I always like to try and work it out naturally instead of popping an Aspirin. I like to do that with my girls, too. I am so thankful for modern medicine, but I also know that there’s a lot we can do without.

That being said, I was sent these roller ball applicators for oils from Floating Feather Essentials to try out. I got the Calm and Wellness ones. I had never used a roller ball applicator for oils before this! It’s the best! It makes using oils so much easier. The calm is great for sleeping, which hellllooooo, I have a newborn, so I want sleep and I want her to sleep. I apply a little to my wrists and a little to the bottoms of her feet before bedtime every night. The Calm consists of cedar, lavender, and orange. All of which are supposed to be grounding and calming. Perfect potion for a great night’s sleep, right?!



The Wellness oil is a blend completely unique to Young Living. It’s called Thieves – clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. It smells AMAZING!! So good for your immune system. I also put this on Hazel’s feet since there are a lot of pores.


And how cute is this little nightgown from Steel Sweet? I love putting Hazel in nightgowns at night for easy diaper changes. I really like the snaps on the end of this particular one. Keeps her nice and warm! It’s also good for a small application of oils on her feet!



Matching Florals

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Like…it’s sooner than you think. I know holidays come around the same time each year, so it shouldn’t be a surprise, but somehow it always is, right?! How is that? I’ll figure it out one day! I always say I’ll buy things way ahead of time, but then end up doing last minute shopping.

Well, I found the perfect mommy and me outfits for all of you who love to match your daughters! The fun thing is that these are all small shops, so you’re helping a mom stay at home who wants to be a SAHM and have an income! I always love finding small shops that I love, and who I want to keep buying from!


And there’s still some time before Mother’s Day to get your orders in quickly! These dresses can be worn so many different ways. There’s a video collage in my stories to show you how I like to wear this dress from Fitch and Stitch. For the girls, I just paired them with bloomers, because I think it’s cuter than seeing a diaper!


How darling are these turbans from Miranda Lauren Kids?! I never thought I’d wear one, but I have to say, I may be wearing them more often. It’s a really fun head accessory, and you’d never know if there was a rat’s nest under there! Hallen had to be convinced to wear hers (hence the lollipop), but that’s just because she a defiant toddler some days!


A few more fun accessories to complete the matching outfits:

Hazel’s bow// Matching necklaces// Girls’ matching sandals





Wind Blown

Yep. Still talking about the wind in Florida. Because who can really pull of the wind blown look anyways?! I want to meet that woman and shake her hand. And then, ask her what products she uses. Even with a keratin treatment I look like a scruffy pup! If there was never torrential wind again, I think I’d be okay with that.

When there is a lot of big gusts, though, there’s nothing better than a little more length on a dress so that it doesn’t get blown up so easily!


This happened to be my Easter Sunday dress. We looked and looked for churches to go to, but since the girls weren’t on their normal routine, it was too tough. So, we all stayed in and watched Elevation Church online (our home church in NC). It ended up being the perfect thing for all of us to do! After church, Kevin, the girls, and I ventured out to find somewhere yummy to eat and soak up some family time before we had to leave the next day.


And, naturally, we had to stop for some fro-yo after lunch. It ended up being the nastiest fro-yo ever! I guess we should have known when we were the only ones in the shop! $9 wasted…


This is a little view of our resort…and a little view of the back of this dress! It’s all in the details, right? Whenever I see a little detail on the back of a piece I already love, I have to have it!






And the stud himself #instagramhusband


Yep. Wind blown ladies who love it…talk to me! Share your windy secrets! I know extra hold hairspray won’t do the trick either, so don’t lie!

Dress// Similar shoes here, here, and here (all under $100)

Windy Days

You guys. I want to move to Florida. We just moved to Charlotte a year ago, but palm trees on the horizon are calling my name! I think we may just have to plant palmetto trees on the borders of our yard here for now ha!

We had so much fun visiting family for a few days in sunny Florida. Although, it was warmer in Charlotte then it was there for those few days. We were battling some serious wind. I don’t think I really even needed to apply sunscreen, because I was constantly in a jacket or wrapped up in a towel. But Hallen had a blast playing with all of her cousins! And luckily they were inland just a bit, so no crazy wind.

Our drive down, Hazel was a hot mess! It turned into a 12 hour trip, and both of the girls only slept for maybe an hour of that! Luckily, Hallen could just watch TV. Hazel just hates the car. On the way back, I ended up pumping a couple times and just bottle feeding her in the carseat. It made it a lot more bearable!


Both of the girls were completely worn out the entire time. Naps ad bedtime were just nonexistent. But Hazel slept her first 7 hour stretch while we were there. She should have after staying awake for 10 hours in the car, right?! And she slept poolside a couple times in the “nice” ocean breeze!


Look at those sweet lips!!


And I basically lived in this dress from Bun Maternity while I was there. It was so easy for nursing on the go (since we always were going somewhere). It has snaps on both shoulders, so you can just pull it down from the straps, and there’s still a small panel underneath, so you feel covered!


Hallen’s cute dress is from a small shop that I adore, Gentle Adeline. She kept twirling and twirling! And of course, she had to wear her Mini Melissa Mickey & Minnie shoes. She loves that she can put them on all by herself (Ms. Independent)!

BeachPics-44BeachPics-43But she was also sassy as heck while we were down there! Hence, that last photo haha! Toddlers aren’t always sweet and cute if that’s what you were thinking. She definitely gives me a run for my money! Y’all…how do you make it through this sassy phase?! Some days, she literally wakes up with an attitude! Before I asked her to take a photo with me, she was running around having fun, but as soon as I asked her to hold my hand…you would have thought I took away a bowl full of chocolate!


BUT … all that to say, we had an amazing time. Love my sassy, independent toddler! And there’s definitely more to come from our time in Florida 🙂 Happy Friday Eve, friends! xxx


Dress//Similar sandal here & here (both under $50!)

Casual LBD

We may have just gotten back from Florida, but I’ve got a couple things to show you before I go straight to the vacay pics! And honestly, not even too many photos from the vacation! You know when it’s all just a whirlwind…like a literal whirlwind. It was SO windy there. It never died down. I think I touched the sand three times, and not more than five minutes either of those times. Kind of a bummer, but we got some good family time in with Kevin’s family. It was really refreshing. And now I want to move again! I want palm trees in my peripheral every day!

But until that day, our little town and palmetto trees will have to do!

I think my favorite thing lately has been to layer dresses. Something unassuming, but looks like it’s meant to be. I love a nice LBD. You’ve seen several on my blog. This one from Ingrid & Isabel is a little on the dressier side, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it work for a more casual occasion.


It’s a fun hi-lo dress that has a couple ways to be worn just by itself, but I paired one of my long time favorite chambray button downs with it to make it a little more casual for the daytime. I wanted to make it more of a burger and beer type of dress rather than a wine and cheese dress, if you know what I mean!


Dress//Similar Dress//Similar top here & here//Similar shoes

But, if you had something a little fancier to go to at night, you can always take the chambray layer off, and you’re instantly dressed up. You could even throw on a little floral or striped button down over your favorite LBD for a fun look.

But as soon as you take off the button up, it transforms it into that more dressed up look you need for the office or a night out!