One Month Ago

First of all, HAPPY ST. PATTY’S DAY!! You may be going out, drinking green beer, and wearing a shamrock on your cheek with beads around your neck. Definitely not what I’ll be doing, so I’ll be living vicariously through your adventures tonight! Maybe I’ll at least put a shamrock sticker on my cheek. Hallen would probably like to wear one at least. We’ll actually be celebrating Hazel’s one month “birthday.” Or rather…one month ago I pushed Hazel out of you know where au natural, so I deserve a little celebration! Maybe a glass of wine…or to get real crazy some wine AND ice cream!

Little Hazelnut is a growing bean. She’s now 8lbs 80z and 21 inches long. Still figuring out her personality, but she’s definitely more feisty than Hallen was at this age. She sleeps well once you finally get her to sleep, but there’s a lot of rocking and butt patting involved. She only wakes up about two times a night, which is AWESOME! And she’s already fitting into her 0-3 month clothing. Wah! Growing up too quickly for my liking! She’s definitely a mama’s girl, which is a little tough for Hallen right now, but Hallen loves to kiss and hug on her 24/7.


It’s hard to know what to celebrate when there are two occasions on the same day. All I know is that I’m glad I’m not in the hospital pushing another baby out, and I’m happy to be back in my normal jeans without a hair tie around the button.  I still love that I can shop at my favorite maternity shops since they have great women’s wear and nursing options as well. I always hate having to part with a store after I fall in love with it. That’s why I adore Ingrid & Isabel. I’m still able to wear some of their clothes that are maternity/postpartum clothes. They don’t look funny…you know…like you should be pregnant to be wearing a certain top. The clothes just look normal.


This handkerchief tank is perfect! Perfect for this season, perfect fit, and perfect for a nursing and postpartum body. Ingrid & Isabel nailed it with this one. I also have the long sleeve version if you remember it from this post. I think it’s also a must have. They’re both long enough to wear with a pair of leggings, but also perfect for jeans and shorts.

I paired it with my new favorite color of the Rockstar skinny jeans from Old Navy – the mint color, but today I’m calling it light green just so you can’t pinch me. Because this  IS my St. Patrick’s Day outfit!


How cool is this adorable little creperie we finally got to eat at?! I think it’ll become a staple for us just because of the name!HandkerchiefTank-9HandkerchiefTank-8

So, happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’ll be partying it up with these two spring chicks!CloudsandClovers-6CloudsandClovers-8

Photography Dear November Photography

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Women’s Ingrid & Isabel Handkerchief Hem Maternity Tank

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Galaossi Pointed Toe Wedge Bootie • Sole Society

Women’s Cristabelle Long Wrap Choker Necklace

Women’s Bp. Velvet Wrap Choker • BP

Free Press Cord Pave Ring Wrap Choker


Hallen & Hazel’s pieces

Shorties – Little Nugget Knits

Rainbow bib/scarf – Little & Luxe Shop

Headbands -Charlotte’s Webtique

Months & Holidays blankets – Batz Kids

Fur booties – Brave Threads

Onesie – Trendy Cactus

Fox Mary Janes – Gracious May

Bunny  – Hudson Heart & Co.


One thought on “One Month Ago

  1. Girl that is so impressive how quickly you got back into your normal jeans! You look absolutely amazing.. definitely not like you’re taking care of a little one.. let alone two! Love the tank, it looks like the perfect shirt to wear out for dinner so I can hide my food baby haha!


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